Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Book Review: Jurassic Island

Title - Jurassic Island 
Author - Viktor Zarkov 
Genre - Fantasy Dinosaurs Horror
Published - October 20th 2015 
Format - Kindle freebie
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Guided by satellite photos and modern technology a ragtag group of survivalists and scientists travel to an uncharted island in the remote South Indian Ocean. Things go to hell in a hurry once the team reaches the island and the massive megalodon that attacked their boats is only the beginning of their desperate fight for survival. 

Nothing could have prepared billionaire explorer Joseph Thornton and washed up archaeologist Christopher "Colt" McKinnon for the terrifying prehistoric creatures that wait for them on JURASSIC ISLAND! 

Colt may be a little on the washed upside as his wife left him and he's getting drunk in a bar. That's when his whole life changed a rich billionaire offers him a lot of money and once in a lifetime chance. An island has popped up on a satellite that wasn't there the day before and it races to see what's really on the island before Mr. Thornton's competition arrives. After a quick flight Colt and the rest of the gathered crew arrive at a dock with boats that will take them to the island.

However, not everyone will make it as something big is lurking in the water and has his sights set on lunch. Colt and his small group survive the monster in the water only to arrive on the mysterious island. No one has been to the island before and it's been sine the 40's when it was last seen. It becomes quickly apparent that the inhabitants are prehistoric dinosaurs who are intent on keeping Colt from leaving the island.

I like Colt he's one of those guys I can see a little of myself in. Throw enough money and I might even head to the island. We have some interesting teammates but the story is told from Colts point of view as he's our hero. I found Mr. Thornton our rich Billionaire exactly how I would expect, he's not prepared for what they find and when things get back he keeps pushing forward.

Jurassic Island is just that a mysterious island of prehistoric killer monsters. I have to admit the monster lurking in the ocean was my favorite but that could because I a little addicted to those. I like the characters even some that died horrible deaths I was sad to see them go. I wasn't sure about Colt but he grew on me as the book progressed. Jurassic Island is a modern meets prehistoric monster story lots of running for their lives, blood, death, and sharp teeth. I enjoyed it because I love dinosaurs and seeing them in this dark gore filled light was refreshing. It's like a bloodier whirlwind Jurassic Park. The story was fast paced and easy to finish in one sitting. I'm a little curious to see if we will get another installment as some made it off the island. As a monster horror, I thought it fit the bill perfectly. I even had my teenager reading at the same time and he enjoyed it.

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