Saturday, February 25, 2017

Book Review: Fated

Title - Fated
Author - V Vaughn 
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Series - Winter Valley Wolves #8
Published - December 16h 2015
Format - Kindle eBook
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Caroline Quinn writes romance, so you’d think it would be easy for her to do relationships. The truth is that while she can give any heroine a happy ending, after decades of being a single mother who swore off men she struggles to find a guy she wants to date. Although, there’s one sexy werewolf she’s interested in, but after one fun afternoon on the lake, Paul Ryan left her high and dry. When he’s suddenly around at every turn she discovers there’s a reason she can’t keep him out of her dreams. Now she has to decide if fate’s plan for her is worth the risk. 

Paul Ryan is the alpha of the Silver Lake Wolves and without a mate. When he met Caroline Quinn, all his senses buzzed with the electricity he used to feel for his late true mate. But he wasn’t ready for a second chance and let Caroline go. When Paul runs into her months later he can’t resist the pull of their fate, and he doesn’t want to. All he has to do now is convince Caroline they’re meant to be. 

Now that her daughter is off and married it's time for Caroline to find her own man and have a happy ever after. She's had her eye on Paul the Alpha of the Winter Valley pack but after he didn't call she's sure he's not interested and needs to move on. When her sister arrives finding a man appears to be on the agenda but as they are older finding a guy in a bar may not be the answer they are looking for. Plus what happens when Paul does want to date Caroline? Or when he reveals why he never called? 

I like Caroline her priority has been taking care of her daughter on her own as a single parent. Even hiding what she does so that her daughter wouldn't be uncomfortable by her being an author or erotic romance. I love that she's an author, add in some sexy werewolves and I see lots of shifter romance in her future. 

I've been enjoying the Winter Valley Wolves series each installment is a fast paced action packed sweet romance that ends in a happy ever after. In this installment, the Alpha of the pack is finally going to get his much needed happy ever after it just happens to be with a woman who is as close to a true mate as they can get. I like the chemistry between the two it's steamy and felt that I was really able to connect with Caroline. I was so happy to see her get the much deserved happy ever after. I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the series. High recommend for fans of shifter romance perfect quick reads. 

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