Thursday, February 23, 2017

Book Review: Chosen

Title - Chosen
Author - V Vaughn 
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Series - Winter Valley Wolves #4
Published - August 3rd 2015
Format - Kindle eBook
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Trixie Quinn never realized the animal bite she received during a camping trip left her a dormant werewolf. When she meets Parker Hoyt and he spikes her temperature into the red zone, she finally learns the truth. But Parker is everything Trixie hates in a man, and being with him is the last thing she wants. 

Parker Hoyt has struggled to fit into the Winter Valley Pack for years. Searching for the true mate he discovered as a teen has been a bust, and he's destined to be a lone wolf, until he stumbles upon Trixie at his hometown diner. Suddenly his fancy cars and women mean nothing as he tries to woo the waitress he’d claimed years ago. But she's not impressed, and he’ll have to prove he's the man she deserves. 

Trixie has decided to take off a year before heading to college spending a little more time with her mom who raised her. She's not skinny but has curves so she's been on a diet trying to lose the weight when Parker Hoyt former NFL player show's up in the dinner she works at and he's all she can think about. Trixie has a secret five years ago she was bitten by a wolf in the woods and it changed her forever. Now her body is craving the one man she would never choose to be with and he can't deny his attraction to her. Can she accept his past so they can have a future? 

I like that Trixie is a curvy girl who has the same insecurities that so many girls have. She's not perfect which I think it why I liked her so much. I wasn't sure, to be honest about Parker as I'm familiar with him from a prior book but he does show he can redeem himself and is exactly what Trixie deserves in a mate. 

Chosen is the 4th installment in the Winter Valley Wolves series giving us a much needed happy ever after for a lone wolf from the prior books. I love the world that the author has created for her characters so that they all intertwine together and past characters pop up. I also like her own unique twist on the werewolves shift as well as true mates. I loved the characters in the books Trixie may just be my favorite and I really felt that I could connect with her. I love that Chosen was quick fast-paced with just enough story and steamy moments. I actually read it in one sitting and can't wait to dive into the next one. 

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