Thursday, February 23, 2017

Book Review: Berch

Title - Berch
Author - V Vaughn 
Genre - Paranormal Romance 
Series - Winter Valley Wolves #3 
Published - July 14th 2015
Format - Kindle eBook
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Raven Lynch left Winter Valley prepared to make it big on Wall Street. But five years later she’s returned for a high school reunion with nothing more than waitress change in her pocket. When she stumbles into Berch Lindholm her future brightens. The boy she’s always loved has turned into a man that makes her her heart flip, and he’s doing more than pulling her pigtails in return. Maybe coming home isn’t such a bad option after all. 

Berch Lindholm has know Raven was his true mate since he was three years old. Biding his time until she was ready to know the truth has been his lifelong cross to bear. When she returns to Winter Valley Berch knows it’s time to act and claim what’s his. But fate has other ideas, and Berch must fight for the love of his life or lose her forever.

Raven has returned back to her hometown wearing designer clothes determined to impress her old classmates at the reunion. Only thing is life in New York hasn't been as successful as she would have hoped. So the clothes she's wearing are rentals so at least she can fake it while she's home. However, before she can even arrive inside she breaks her heel but Berch just happens to save the day. Raven's been in love with Berch forever but he never saw her that way till now. Will Raven give up on the city to be with the man she loves?

I like Raven she's a sweetheart who is just trying to survive her reunion she didn't think she would capture the eye of the man she loves. Berch has been in love with Raven since he first met her knowing she was his true mate he just wanted to make sure she had her chance in the city so she wouldn't regret. Now she's back and he's going to capture her heart.

Berch is the third installment in the Winter Valley wolves series. The author has created her own little world for her shifters to live as a community adding her own unique twists to the werewolf concept. I really enjoyed Raven and Berch's story it's sweet yet steamy story about two people who had loved each other for years but didn't think the time was right or the other felt the same way. The characters are great it was easy to connect with you can't help falling for them. With a great story that captures the heart as well as your imagination, Berch is another great installment. I enjoyed the author's writing style she tells stories that are hard to put down. I can't wait to read the next installment. 

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