Sunday, February 12, 2017

Book Review: Wardbreaker

Title - Wardbreaker
Author - J.A. Cipriano 
Genre - Urban Fantasy 
Series - The Lillim Callina Chronicles .5 
Published - July 2016
Format - Kindle 
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A city full of vampires. A dark ritual. A runaway determined to stay hidden.

Lillim Callina wasstill trying to figure out how to live like a normal girl when the vampires attacked. Now, this former demon hunter must decide if staying hidden is more important than saving her new home from the largest vampire infestation she has ever seen.

The only problem is, if she stops the vampires, the people hunting her just may find her, and they aren't too fond of deserters. 

Wardbreaker is the first prequel in The Lillim Callina Chronicles, an urban fantasy series and takes place approximately one year before the first book, Kill it with Magic. 

Lillim is on the run fleeing from her own people hiding on Earth tired of taking orders. While she shouldn't have a hard to keeping a low profile she picked the wrong town to hide in as a group of vampires is breaking the rules and taking advantage of the town. Lillim meets Luc who needs her help to stop the vampires as a hunter he has a writ that allows him to kill them but to many in town for him to handle. He's not just a normal human either as he has these magical wards carved into his skin that activate with blood.

It's clear that Lillim that the town has some series issues and even though it's going to draw the attention she's trying to avoid she knows she can't just leave. Charging into a vampire nest with Luc they encounter ancient vampires who want Luc and are willing to let Lillim leave if she lets them get away with their plan. Ariel the Owl and leader of the vampires expect that Lillim would take a deal to let her finish what she started. Little did she know that Lillim doesn't just give up that easy. Will they survive this battle? 

I love Lillim she's bad-ass who fights with a pair of magical Egyptian swords and magic. She may have spent her whole childhood training to protect the humans, slay the monsters but she won't just sit by the save herself when innocents are in danger. I like that she charges in fighting with her heart risking her own life to save the day. She's also super innocent when it comes to the human world taking great joy in fast food. 

I picked up Wardbreaker recently so I could read it before the first one which has been on my kindle for a while. I read the short story Alone in the Dark it gives us a taste of one of the training encounters that Lillim had with her mother. Just enough to perk out interest so I had to start WardBreaker right away quickly falling in love with Lillim as a character. She's one of those you can easily connect with and cheer on as the book progress. She lives in the unique urban fantasy world, while the book has vampires they are nothing like I would have expected. I love the fast paced action packed story filled with twists that kept me on the edge of my seat. It was hard to put down I had to know how it was going to play out for Lillim as well as more about who Luc was. I can't wait to start the first one in the series as I enjoyed this one so much. Highly recommend my new favorite series. 

Alone in the Dark
by J.A. Cipriano
How do you teach your thirteen-year-old to stop misbehaving? Lock her in a house filled with vampires half an hour before sundown.

This is just a few pages but it gives us a glimpse of Lillim as she was training to hunt the monsters. I'm intrigued, and looking forward to checking out Lillim's books.

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