Thursday, February 2, 2017

Book Review: Caiden

Title - Caiden
Author - V Vaughn
Series - Greenville Alien Mail Order Bride #1
Genre - Fantasy Romance 
Published - October 7th 2016 
Format - Kindle freebie
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Wanted – Brides

Are you seeking adventure that’s out of this world? Travel with a man that will take you to exotic places while treating you with the adoration you deserve. Let our expert matchmakers find you a love that will rocket you to the moon and beyond.


Mandy lives in a world where a virus wiped out most of the men. So when a planet appears to have mostly men it's a perfect chance for the two to mingle. One of Mandy's best friends is in charge of setting up a dating website but it's still in the beta process but Mandy accepts one of the alien men not knowing it would really work yet. Next thing she knows she's got a hot alien bride on the way. Can the two make it work without breaking the rules?

Mandy is what I would expect of a planet to be lacking male companions so when Caiden she's up being all male they are drawn to each other. I didn't love as I would have hoped since we share the same name. I found her a little one track and I think it bugged me that as soon as she had a man she was all about jumping his bones. 

This one I wasn't sure about as but it's been ages since I read an alien romance and already had the kindle freebie. I think the concept is interesting seeking out life on a new planet because a sickness has wiped out all the men. I would like to know a little more about how the Earth has evolved by poor Mandy is only concerned with living with her new man. It's a quick steamy and a little cheesy romance. Perfect for those who are fans of alien romance. I didn't love it but it wasn't bad either just wanted more story.  

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