Sunday, August 7, 2016

Book Review: Bite of Frost

Title - Bite of Frost 
Author - Gena D. Lutz
Genre - Urban Fantasy Romance
Published - December 16th 2015
Format - Kindle eBook
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After Jericha Frost is thrust into a paranormal existence she knows nothing about, she learns that the scorching blood from an infuriating dragon-shifter is her only hope of survival.

Jericha lives in a quiet little snowy town one day on the way home her whole life changes as an intense frost takes over her whole life. As her life turns upside down as her body becomes a frost maiden reality sets in when Skadi the Queen of the dead pays her a visit. Giving her a little insight into her transformation as well as the fact that she needs blood to survive However, Skadi isn’t the only visitor she has because soon she some elves are at her door including a very determined Dragon. When Jericha learns that they are mated she pushes him away already overloaded finding out she’s tired to a dragon is just icing on the cake. If only she could resists him he has something she needs to live.

I like Jericha she accepts the fact that she’s the next frost way better than I would be considering I hate the snow. I like Conner he’s a brutish strong dragon shifter but when it comes to Jericha he’s willing to do anything to save her even going against what he’s fought for years to stop. I like the idea of frost and fire coming together two unlikely people finding a unique magical love. The elves made me giggle they just enhance the story and I wanted to know more about Skadi maybe we will get a little more of her in a future book. 

I admit the cover is what captured my attention and hadn’t even read the synopsis when I started it. The concept is interesting the idea that Jack Frost has a daughter who just happens to be the next frost. I really liked the characters and felt like I could connect with all of them which i think is a must. I found the author writing style beautifully done the story just flows from start to finish. My only complaint is that I want more of this world it’s unique and captivating. This is my first novel by the author but I’ve become a fan it’s just a perfect sweet paranormal romance that made my day. I can’t wait to see what else the author has in store for the future because I love Bite of Frost.

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