Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Summer Time Blog & Reader Challenge: Favorite Things About Summer

Summer Time Blog & Reader Challenge 
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Recap of the challenge just in case you missed it. 

Your favorite Things About Summer

I love the summer because it means the kids are out of school. Which means that I don't have to wake them up in the am. Lot's of quiet before the chaos begins. 
The farmers markets are open with lots of produce. This summer I want to try my hand at canning. 
Summer means lots of activities with the kids as a family. Things are a lot more flexible while the kids aren't busy with school to do new activities. 
Lots of reading time. 
BBQ weather for the husband to be the Grillmaster. 
Summer vacation. Trips to the beach. Drives into up and down the coast. 

What's your favorite things about summer. 

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