Sunday, June 12, 2016

Manga Review: Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Vol 4

Title - Attack on Titan: Before the Fall Vol 4
Author - Hajime Isayama 
Series - Attack on Titan: Before the Fall #4
Genre - Manga horror
Published - March 31st 2015
Format - eBook

After escaping what should have been certain death and defeating a Titan outside the walls, Kuklo and the Survey Corps make it back to the safety of Shiganshina, where the Military Police are waiting to arrest him for the murder of his former master Dario. But there will be no trial and no execution for the Titan's son. The MPs have a much crueler punishment in mind...

I watched the first few episodes on nextflix but it’s not in English so I opted to go with the manga to check it out the manga are farther than the anime. Attack on Titan: Before the Fall is the prequel of Attack on Titan. It’s set before wall Maria was breached and before they knew how to fight the titans. The story revolves around a boy that was born after his mother was regurgitated and the girl he befriended.

The 4th installment has our Titan son taken by the military police and placed back in a cell just like he spent most of his life. He is put across the hall from a character who knows that they will be able to get out and has a plan to escape. Little did he know at the time it mean waiting till after they are sent outside of the wall for execution by Titan. Thankfully a friend on the inside gives him back his knife which will give them the chance to escape the ropes that bind the duo. Will they make it away before the Titans get them? Is there really a safe place on the outside of the wall?

It’s been a while since I dove back into the world of the Titans but decided it was time to read about what happened before Attack on Titan. It’s interesting to see what happened 70 years in the past, and I’m curious to see how we will evolve to fight the titans. The art is entertaining it works well with the story. I really enjoy that each installment is a mix of story and action giving just enough to keep you wanting more. I’m already captivated by the two characters Sharle and Kuklo who escaped with their lives. I quickly fell in love with the prequel just like I did Attack on Titans. I can’t wait to see how it will progress and learn more about the characters in this series. The more I read the more I am enjoying this new spin. 

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