Friday, June 24, 2016

Book Review: The Break-up

Title - The Break-up
Author - M.J. Summers
Series - Full Hearts #5
Genre - Romance
Published - May 5th 2016
Publisher - Gretz Corp
Format - Kindle Review Copy
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When America’s sweetheart, Courtney Bennett, finds out her husband, Brock McCain, America’s heartthrob, is leaving her, she’s sure her life is over. Thirty-nine in Hollywood is tough on any woman, but not as hard as being hunted by the relentless paparazzi. Finding herself holed up in a cabin in Colorado under the care of Wes Young, her new bodyguard, she starts to see that maybe there is life after Hollywood.

Wes Young spent more than twenty years in the Marines and the past two years in protection services. The only thing he protects more carefully than his clients is his heart. When he takes on the task of guarding Courtney Bennett, the last thing he wants to do is spend his days and nights with a spoiled, self-involved actress. Before long, Wes realizes that she is not at all what he thought. For the first time in his life, he finds himself navigating the minefield of love, trying to avoid a broken heart. 

Will they risk it all to be together or return to the lives they knew before The Break Up? 

I received The Break-up in return for an honest review from the author. Courtney had no idea anything was wrong until she finds out her husband has been stepping out on her and it’s not going to end pretty. The couple has been known as America’s sweethearts both successful movie actors. Now Courtney’s life is in a downward spiral and when social media is used when drunk she’s forced into isolation. Learning that her managers are out for her soon to be ex-husband and the only good thing they did was drop her off with Wes who’s job is to keep her hidden. 

Stuck in the mountains with a man she hardly knows Courtney’s only option is to wait out six weeks and return hoping that they can fix her career. However six weeks in the mountains may just not be so easy to leave behind the more she get’s to know Wes a former military man determined to start his own security company. Neither one can deny the attraction as they spend more time Courtney starts to see things in her marriage were never perfect and caring about her future. What started as fun for the pair has taken a dangerous turn as the pair find themselves falling for each other. When the chance of a lifetime comes up for Courtney’s career what will happen when she takes it?

I love Courtney she’s such a sweet heart but Wes is exactly what she needs since she’s hit rock bottom. However, spending time with Wes helps her learn that she wasn’t in love with him at all but more of the idea and that the real deal is standing in front of her. Wes has issues he’s not perfect but he needs Courtney and she needs him just as much as he does her. Together they find what they have been missing but they just need to make it work. I like the chemistry between the pair they are on fire in but they have this sweet romance too which I love. 

I admit this one has been on my kindle for a while a while I hate to admit but I’m glad I decided to start it because once I did I couldn’t put it down. I love the characters they are easy to connect with I just adore Courtney and Wes so much. I enjoyed the concept of Actress getting away from the big city to rediscover herself and find a new love. The Break-up is a well written, captivating, emotional, romance novel that pulls at the heart strings. A beautiful sweet romance but loaded with chemistry between the two that makes it steamy. I enjoyed every moment of the book it’s quickly become one of my faves and though I read out of order I plan to go back and read them all. High recommend if your craving romance. I was so happy to see karma come into play for Courtney's ex because the more we got to know him the more I disliked him. I also want to add while writing my review The Glory of Love by Peter Cetera happened to play and it fits for Courtney and Wes at least it did for me. 

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