Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Book Review: Birthright

Title - Birthright
Author - E.J. Stevens 
Series - Ivy Granger #4
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Published - July 14th 2015
Publisher - Sacred Oaks Press

Being a faerie princess isn't all it's cracked up to be...

Ivy must go to Faerie, but the gateway to the Wisp Court is through Tech Duinn, the house of Donn—Celtic god of the dead. Just her luck.

Unable to share her secret with Jinx, and with Jenna called away on Hunters' Guild business, Ivy must rely on Ceff and Torn to lead her to Death's door, literally, and back again. As if that wasn't dangerous enough, there's no saying what horrors lay in store within the Faerie realm. Too bad the Wisp Court is the one lead Ivy has in the search for her father—and possible salvation.

Maybe hiding away and dodging sidhe assassins isn't so bad after all...

I received Birthright in return for an honest review from the author. This is the fourth installment of the Ivy Granger series taking off right after the end of the third book. Ivy is in hiding after coming back from the dead because someone still is after her. With Ivy not working things are getting tough for her and Jinx and something has to change. After all Jinx is mortal it’s not like she can handle the paranormal investigating without Ivy. Most of their clients aren’t human. While Ivy has been pretending to be dead she has been sneaking out into the rich hotels to meet with her boyfriend Ceff the Kelpie king, he’s decided it’s time for their relationship to take it to the next level.

With the upcoming summer solstice Ivy will have to use the key from her father to travel to fairy only she may not be returning from her journey.  When the time comes Ceff and Torn the cat shifter sets off with Ivy to find the portal. Along the way the encounter a ghost in purgatory that tells them in order to find the dark one which is where the portal is they need to slay the demon. While slaying the demon isn’t easy they trio overcome it quickly finding that they come before the castle where the dark one resides. What till they find when they take the portal? What does fairy really look like? Will Ivy find the answers? Will she return?

I love Ivy she’s one of my favorite Paranormal characters things don’t always work out for her but she makes them work. After all even though they are against demons she and Jinx are raising a demon toddler sparky. She’s tough but full of compassion willing to fight for her friends and risk her life for those she loves. I honestly really enjoy her as a character and I’m always anxiously waiting to see what will happen next in her life. I really like Ceff for Ivy they each have their own issues but they figure out how to make it work for them.  I also enjoyed in this book we had a lot more of Torn the cat shifter we had snippets of in the past novels.  

I was so excited with the news of another Ivy Granger novel but I made myself wait till a little closer to the release because I hate waiting for the next book. I finished Birthright in just one evening it was impossible to put down. I love the world of Harborsmouth with the supernaturals living among the unsuspecting humans but I really enjoyed the chance to explore fairy more. This is the first book that the primary focus was a trip into the fairy world and I very much enjoyed it. The worlds are well developed, the characters are brilliantly done and the story is enchanting.  Birthright is filled with mystery, suspense, action a little romance and a whole lot of secrets. I love the characters Ivy is one of my all-time favorite Urban fantasy characters and I’ve always been able to connect with her. I loved every moment of it such a beautifully written story. My only complaint which really isn’t a complaint at all is I want the next book now. I can’t wait to see what happens next after the way the Birthright ended. 

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  1. I need to try this series, I have read one other book by the author and I enjoyed it.