Friday, July 31, 2015

Book Review: An Alpha's Kiss

Title - An Alpha's Kiss 
Author - Evelyn Glass
Series - Untamed #1 
Published November 6th 2013
Publisher E-Book Publishing World
Format - Kindle freebie

When Charmaine Vella rescues her friend Scottie from bullies of the Kreuger pack at a party hosted by the rival pack, she had expected nothing else to come of it. She certainly didn't expect Parker, the son of the Kreuger Alpha to come looking for her. She certainly didn't expect him to be handsome. And she most certainly didn't expect her own desire to burn so fiercely when Parker came closer.

But there was a problem: the Vella and Kreuger packs hate each other and have hated each other for centuries.

An unexpected kiss will propel Charmaine and Parker down a grim-fated path. Can they keep their love a secret from their respective families and can they bear the consequences if it's discovered?

Charmaine is only twenty she’s not ready to be mated for the rest of her life and granted she hasn’t done a lot of dating. When her best friend Scottie is attacked at a party hosted by a rival pack she at last has an encounter with the stranger she’s been dreaming about. The stranger who makes her toes curl, but he’s from the rival pack so neither family will go for it. Instead of following the rules she takes the risk falling for Parker hard sealing their fate. What will happen when the secret gets out that they two have found their mates with the rival pack?

I like Charmaine she’s ambitious she never planned to find her mate least of all in the rival pack. I think Parker is a good match for Charmaine they complement each other besides the fact that they have this amazing chemistry. I’m not a huge fan of the insta love concept but the way it works since they are shifters it just sort of works well.  

I picked up An Alpha’s Kiss as a kindle freebie a while back and I today looked like a perfect day to check it out.  A short fast paced shifter erotic romance that was perfect for a lazy morning. I finished An Alpha’s Kiss in just one sitting it was hard to put down and I wanted to see how it would play out. I’m not a huge erotica fan but as long as we have a story to go with it I’ll give it a chance. The story reminds me a little of Romeo and Juliet it was good and I enjoyed it. My only complaint is it felt a little rush but that’s because it’s a short story.  All and all it’s very steamy but I enjoyed it. I’ll be checking out the author in the future. 

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