Friday, May 1, 2015

Book Review: Bear-ever Yours

Title - Bear-ever Yours
Author - Terry Bolryder
Series - Polar Heat #1
Genre - Paranormal Romance
Format - Kindle
Published - March 20th 2015

A fun, standalone bear shifter romance with no cliffhanger on sale for .99! 

Leah Maitland isn't expecting much when she wins an unexpected, all-expenses paid trip to the Caribbean. Just some sunshine, fruity drinks, and maybe a break from her demanding job as an office manager to the worst boss ever. She definitely isn't expecting Sky Weston, a hot, athletic local dive instructor with surfer blond hair and Caribbean blue eyes who seems determined to rock her world. 

Sky is tall, intensely handsome and a polar bear shifter whose family moved to warmer climates. From the moment he looks into Leah's sparkling brown eyes from across the room, he knows he wants the curvaceous beauty for his own. 

But as things heat up in the Caribbean, danger is also close on their heels. And if Sky can't convince Leah to trust the passion igniting between them, he might just lose her to the evil bear that is willing to do anything to make her his.

Leah has won a dream trip to the Caribbean it’s only after arriving that she learns she will be sharing a suite with two other women and that her whole trip is planned out. Leah doesn’t love the water so when she’s assigned scuba diving she’s less than thrilled but at least her instructor is super attractive. After her first lesson ends up with her fainting and learning that Sky isn’t just a scuba instructor but a polar bear shifter the whole scuba lessons aren’t so bad.

The more time Leah spends with Sky the more she finds herself falling in love with him and even learns to love Scuba diving like he does. She also learns a secret about her past which changes everything for her future even causing her to question her life back in New York. Will she return to the life she once had leaving Sky or will she give it up including the controlling boss for a life on the beach?

I liked Leah right from the start she’s a sweet girl who has a control freak boss and a secret that changes everything. I think she handles Sky’s furry personality really well, even embracing it as he spends the week prove that they have more than just a fling. I loved the chemistry between the two it was fun to see how much of a romantic Sky is he wasn’t your typical shifter.

I picked this one up on amazon a while back purely based on the fact that I’m a shifter nut and I love polar bears best of both worlds. I wasn’t sure what to expect because this is my first time reading this author and I’m still new to the bear shifter romance genre. First I enjoy my female characters to have some meat on their bones, curvy full figured is awesome and very refreshing from other typical heroines. I find it interesting that while Sky is one person his bear has his own thoughts very much reminds me of Charles from Alpha & Omega series which is another one of my favorites. I found Bear-ever Yours a quick fast paced read that had me smile through the whole novel it was hard to put down and I very much enjoyed it. I also liked that we are given a hint of the characters in the future novels. I also really liked that the character didn’t jump right into the sack it was more story less steamy moments it worked out perfectly not overwhelming like others. I enjoyed the characters and the story it was a cute paranormal romance. 

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