Thursday, April 30, 2015

Book Review: The Hunter's Moon

Title - The Hunter's Moon
Author - Shawntelle Madison
Series - Windham Werewolves #1
Genre - Urban Fantasy werewolves
Published - December 16th 2014
Format - Kindle freebie

This is the first story in the Windham Werewolves series. Episodes will be released once per month. This is not a standalone story.

Kaden will do anything to protect his pack, including saving a dying werewolf hunter. But Cynthia would rather take him down than become his mate.

Cynthia is a hunter but hasn’t been able to due to her cancer but thanks to her brother making a deal with Kaden that might just change. Will Cynthia be able to accept help from her enemy a werewolf that she’s spent her whole life hunting? What is Kaden risking by healing Cynthia?

I like Cynthia she’s not stupid and realizes that maybe Kaden isn’t the typical werewolf who is starting trouble but really cares about his pack. I also liked Kaden willing to risk his heart to help his pack. They may come from different worlds but they work well together.

I picked up The Hunter’s Moon as a kindle freebie since it was by an author I enjoy. Typically I prefer my books to be much longer. However I think she’s done a great job creating a short little romance novel that I very much enjoyed. While it’s a short novel only 71 pages I didn’t find it lacking in story it has everything I need to be a happy camper. A fast paced story filled with action, romance and snow it was easy to read in just a short hour. My only complaint is that I want more, and I say that because I’ve loved the other werewolf books by the author.  I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series. 

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