Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Book Review: Heir of the Dog

Title - Heir of the Dog
Author - Hailey Edwards
Series - Black Dog #2
Genre - Urban Fantasy
Published - January 30th 2015
Format - Kindle Review copy

Faerie teeters on the brink of war and the mortal realm swells with fae refugees desperate to escape the bloodshed. As a half-blooded fae, Marshal Thierry Thackeray has a stake in the outcome of both realms and isn’t afraid to knock a few heads together if it keeps the peace.

When her father goes missing, the only hope of negotiating a truce between the light and dark fae vanishes with him. Eager to avoid another Thousand Years War, the Faerie High Court reaches out to the one person they believe can track him down—the daughter who shares his curse.

Flaming red hair. Check. Pasty white skin. Double check. Breath like a slaughterhouse in July... I inhaled deeply then wrinkled my nose. Yep. Houston, we have a troll sighting.
Now would be a great time to have a partner. Too bad mine was an ex in every sense of the word.

I received Heir of the Dog in return for an honest review from the author. This is the second installment in the black dog series and continues a year after the end of the last book. Thierry has been working hard taking on extra bonus work so that her mother will still have the money she was getting when Thierry was in training. After being gone a year Shaw has return with a secret that may very well change everything but Faerie also has a surprise for Thierry. When a prince shows up claiming that she has to return to faerie to assume her father’s roll as the Black dog she’s not thrilled but when they kidnap her mother she has no choice.

Thierry sets off on a magical journey with a stranger who she keeps getting warning messages to stay away from intent on saving her mother even if she has to risk her life. Upon arrival she learns that they want her to be neutral and play her father’s roll in the hunt to crown the next future king.  While it’s ok for her father to be hunted because he will rez she is half mortal and won’t be so lucky. When faced with the real chance of dying she does what she must even changing her own future in the process. Will she find her father? Survive the hunt?

I really liked Thierry from the first book and couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen in this one. I liked Shaw for Thierry as the book starts out we learn that things didn’t work out but we are given a sliver of hope. Than we have a chance to get to know Raven or at least we think it’s Raven, and as the book progresses I’m still on the fence. I don’t love him like I do Shaw and deep down I hope in the next book they may be able to make it work. We are giving a new character who happens to have a animal form just like Thierry’s roommate.

I didn’t even read the synopsis for Heir of the Dog because I enjoyed the first one so much and with a beautiful cover I knew it wouldn't disappoint. Thierry lives in a world where humans don’t know that the supernatural exists and she lives in both worlds. The characters are easy to connect with I really enjoy Thierry as a character she a great heroine who doesn’t rely on the boys to save her. The author has created a captivating story filled with magic, mystery, suspense, sexy Faeries and enough action to keep us on the edge of our seats. I found the story well written it flows from start to finish it’s easy to get lost and lose all track of time in the beautiful story. I enjoyed every moment of Heir of the Dog and anxiously look forward to seeing how things with play out for Thierry as she deals with the new changes. If you are a fan of paranormal and enjoy urban fantasy I would highly suggest that you check out the Black Dog Series.  

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  1. Nice! It sounds like an interesting read. I'll look into it more. Great review :)