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Book Blitz: Damned

Title - Damned 
Author - Cynthia Rayne
Series - Four Horsemen MC #3
Genre - Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication date - February 17th 2015

Rose Weston is in hell.
After being kidnapped and held as a sex slave, she is struggling to come to terms with the trauma. Under the care of her sister, Daisy, Rose is recovering at the Hades Motel& Diner, owned by the Four Horsemen MC. When Rose is threatened by her former captor, she asks Duke for help.
Duke has been to hell and back.
After surviving an abusive childhood, dangerous black ops missions, and a couple stints in prison, Duke is reluctant to give a damn about anyone but himself. Despite his better judgment, he finds himself helping Rose. She touches a place in his cold heart, no other woman has. He reluctantly agrees to teach her self-defense skills. Together, they will make the man who held her captive pay. But he doesn’t count on what a temptation Rose can be. She wants to share his bed, have a sexual relationship on her own terms, but is she ready after the abuse she’s suffered? Or is she damned?
What's the story behind your latest book?
Damned, and the Four Horsemen Series, grew out of my love for Sons of Anarchy, my obsession with all things Texas, and a brainstorming session I had with my sister and fellow author, Sara Rayne. We sat on my parent's front porch in the summer of 2013 and came up with the club, its backstory, and the characters together. After she flew back to Texas, I sat down and started writing. Including two crazy fast drafting sessions in October of 2013 where I finished first drafts of Sweet Perdition, the first book, and then Hot as Hades, the second book each in the span of three weeks.
Damned took me a lot longer than expected. I was originally supposed to have it completed and ready to go by the end of December 2014, but it took a bit more time. I think because the subject of sexual abuse is so thorny. Rose, the heroine, has been sexually assaulted over a period of weeks by the villain of the book, Kent. Those flashback passages were extremely difficult to write.

What are you working on next?
I am working on the next two books in the Four Horsemen MC series, Devil May Care and Hell on Wheels. My sister, Sara Rayne is working on Hellbent (which will be in between those two books). I absolutely love writing about the characters and deepening their stories and the club's story in the process.

When did you first start writing?
According to my mom and dad, I wrote as a child, even before I had the fine motor skills to wield a pencil. I used to climb into bed with them on weekend mornings and tell them about the "movies" I saw in my head.

Do you remember the first story you ever wrote?
Yes, I wrote a novel at age thirteen in middle school. It was a romance featuring my friends and members of New Kids on the Block. It was terrible, but everyone loved reading it! I had quite the following at the lunch table!

What motivated you to become an indie author?

Creative control! I have the ability to choose the cover models, the graphic artists, and I have input on editing decisions as well. I love how much freedom comes from being an indie author.
When you’re not writing, how do you spend your time? I am always writing. I write every day, although some days are better than other! I’m a voracious reader, so I’m always looking for new authors and new books to read. I have quite the coffee addiction, so I can be found at Starbucks often. I’m also a Netflix girl. I love to binge watch series and have a relaxing weekend on the couch.

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Cynthia Rayne is the author of the Amazon best-selling Four Horsemen MC series. Her first erotic book was written when she was thirteen. Of course, the most risqué scene involved kissing, but it was the talk of her middle school! 

She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in education and writes whenever she can. In her spare time, she enjoys dating, shopping, reading way too many romance novels, and drinking a truly obscene amount of coffee. Find out more about Cynthia Rayne and the Four Horsemen, and signup for the new release newsletter on the website:

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