Sunday, December 28, 2014

Book Review: Loramendi's Story

Title - Loramendi's Story
Author - Angela Carlie
Series - Lords of Shifters #1
Genre - YA Fantasy romance
Format - Kindle freebie
Published - August 2nd 2011

 Lora wants nothing more than to be the wind behind sexy windsurfer Chance's sails. But fulfilling that wish just became...complicated. After seventeen years of normal life, someone wants Lora and her family dead. And the attempted massacre isn't nearly as strange as the reason behind it.

A Lords of Shifters Novel -- YA Paranormal with Romance

Lora’s summer was far from interesting until she catches the attention of a sexy windsurfer. Her best friend has returned from being gone all summer but something is bothering her and Lora isn’t sure what it might be. When her windsurfer shows up at her work Lora decides to seek him out where they windsurf and falls asleep only to wake up to him sitting next to her. Chance is determined to win her heart which isn’t hard because Lora quickly falls for him as well.

Things are starting to change for Lora first is starts with a stranger in the forest around fog. Wild bear attacks are happening all over the area and she’s even the target of one. Suddenly Lora’s too tired to function and forced to stay home where she learns the truth of whom and what she really is. As well as who Chance is and what their future holds. Will the dangers that are threating to destroy her get ahold of her?

I liked Lora she seems like your normal everyday girl but she has some flaws. I wasn’t sure about Chance at first he’s kind of comes on to strong. However the more we learn about his story and future with Lora it all makes sense. I’m not a huge fan of insta love I think they need to work at it a little more but they are meant to be. We don’t have another love interest so no love triangle bonus. I wanted to connect with Lora but she just accepted her future and everything going on around her like she was changing her socks.

I picked this one up as a kindle freebie a long time ago and it’s currently not available to purchase. I was drawn to the cover and the synopsis because I’m a huge fan of shifter stories. Loramendi’s story is a fast paced novel that was a quick read it’s a mix of action and romance. I think the concept is very creative I just think the story is rushed and not executed to its fullest potential. I found the idea of alternate dimensions for the supernatural was intriguing and very unique. I secretly hope that since you can’t purchase them maybe we will see them revamped because I think the author is on the right path. I enjoyed the book and I’m curious to see how it plays out in the future maybe if it’s a kindle freebie. 

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