Monday, December 8, 2014

Book Review: Atlantis Riptide

Title - Atlantis Riptide
Author - Allie Burton
Series - Lost Daughters of Atlantis #1
Genre - YA Fantasty Romance
Published - May 22nd 2013
Publisher - Alice Fairbanks Burton

Atlantis Riptide

Lost Daughters of Atlantis Book 1

Sixteen-year-old Pearl Poseidon ran away from the circus tired of her adoptive parents’ abuse of her special skills. As a runaway, she craves anonymity but when she saves a small boy from drowning she draws attention to herself and her special abilities. Boardwalk employee and aspiring investigative reporter, Chase Thomas, helps her with the rescue and witnesses her amazing dive.
Now, he has questions. And so do the police.
Unbeknownst to Pearl, a battle rages under the Pacific between Loyal and Non-Loyal Atlantean forces and each side wants to use her powers for their cause. Will the commotion in the ocean expose her secrets to the world? Will Chase’s reporter-determination ruin their chance for a real relationship? Will staying near the ocean she loves catapult into a battle royale? 

Pearl is on the run from the circus starting a new life with a new identity in Mermaid Beach. She takes a job on the boardwalk working as a custodian when she see’s a young boy fall into the lagoon. Risking her secret identity Pearl dives into the lagoon to save the boy, however by the time she finds him and saves his life he’s been under water to long. Her only chance to save him she breaths into him giving him the chance to breath under water and saving his life.

Chase is the boardwalk manager who saw the whole thing knowing that Pearl and the boy had been under water longer than was humanly possible. Pearl tries to pass it of as not a big deal in hopes of not drawing attention to her secret. Pearl doesn’t know about her past only that she can breathe under water, is strong, swim fast and isn’t affected by changing temperatures. As Pearls relationship grows with Chase she decides she can trust him telling him her secret. Next she encounters another person just like her who can live under water. She learns that she’s a descendant of Poseidon one of the missing princesses. Will Pearl be able to keep her secret or will her past come to claim her.

I like Pearl she’s had a tough life but has gotten away from her abusive adopted parents and is at last living her own life.  I loved Chase at first I wasn’t sure about him but as the book progressed he just kept getting better and better. I really liked getting to know the other Atlantean’s and hope to see them in the next book like Cuda and finn as well as the other princess.

I picked Atlantis Riptide up as a kindle freebie a while back but never seemed to get around to it yet but I’ve been hoping too. I wasn’t sure what to expect I honestly figured it would be mermaids but I was pleasantly surprised to see that they kept their human forms. I like the concept that Pearl is an Atlantean from the lost city of Atlantis. Atlantis Riptide is a captivating novel about a girl finding the life she has been missing. I loved the character Pearl was easy to connect with and I couldn’t’ help cheering her on as she learns to trust Chase, finds out about her past and her future. The novel is well written the story flows from start to finish I had a hard time putting it down. I really enjoyed Atlantis Riptide and look forward to reading the rest of the novels and see what happens next. 

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