Monday, December 1, 2014

Book Review: Heir of Skies

Title - Heir of Skies
Author - Rachel Higginson
Series - Starbright #1
Genres - YA, Fantasy, Romance 
Published - September 17th 2012
Format - Kindle freebie

Stella is a Star, sent by a Council of Elders to live on Earth and protect the planet from the Darkness, a terrifying evil that would suck the good from every living thing and leave the planet empty and desolate. She has until her twenty-fifth birthday before the Protectorship becomes hers and Earth is left solely her responsibility.

Stella’s fate goes on fast forward as she struggles to balance the rest of high school with the duties of protecting humanity from the deadliest kind of evil.

With her parents and Seth, the boy intended to be her Counterpart, by her side she faces down demons and fallen angels in an effort to protect the last inhabited planet in the universe.

But evil is not her only enemy. She also fights her future as she tries to decide if she’s willing to give up her human relationships, especially that of her best friend Tristan, in order to save humanity.

Stella is just sixteen when she's attacked by the shadows that kick her future into high gear. Suddenly the guy who she's not supposed to meet for many years has shown up in time to save her from the shadows. The prior protector of Earth has been murdered kick starting Stella’s training to be the next protector. Thankfully she won’t have to step right into the roll since there is a temporary Star to protect earth. With the loss of one star and the arrival of Seth her warrior Stella’s life is about to change.

Instead of spending her days with school, sports and her friends she now has to add fighting and training to protect to the earth with Seth. While Stella is destined to be with Seth she can’t help the feelings that her best friend has developed. With two guys trying for her heart she has her hands full toss in an angry fallen who is intent on having Seth join his side. Stella will have to take a speed course in learning to defend the earth or else it will fall into the darkness like all the prior planets. At least she won’t have to do it alone.

I like Stella she’s one of those pure characters you can’t help liking right from the start. I really love characters you can connect with and Stella is one of those characters, plus as the book progresses she just gets better. I really like Seth he’s the good guy with a good heart intent on doing what’s right even if it means losing the last of his family. I’m not sure how I feel about Stella’s best friend Tristian he kind of bugs me the way he knows she’s off limits but doesn’t back off with his intentions.  

I've had this one as a kindle freebie for over a year and I wish I hadn't waited so long. I haven't found that Angel book that I've fallen in love with yet but this series may just be it. While the author uses the concept of good vs evil she adds her own unique twist creating stars and warriors as protects of earth. The stars and warriors have the ability to heat up their skin to the power of the sun, they are stronger, faster, and can fly how cool is that? I loved Stella even if she is in a love triangle which typically I avoid she’s still a character I enjoyed reading her story. Overall I think the author did a great job, and plan to read the next ones in the series. Side note the series was renamed and the cover updated in my opinion much better. 
5 out of 5 stars

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