Friday, November 21, 2014

Follow Friday

Follow Friday
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Each week a new question, new answer, and new blogs to follow. 
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This Week's Question: Create an ad listing all the qualities and qualifications of your perfect co-blogger. 

Answer: I've debated off and on looking for one but I enjoy that I've done it all on my own. I love my blog it's my baby. So sharing it would be tough but doable for the right person. This is harder than I thought but I'll try my best.  

  1. Must be obsessed with books. A little book hoarding even better. 
  2. Fast reader at least a 2 or more a week. I try to read 3 or 4 a week so being on the same page or matched would be nice. 
  3. I read all types of fiction but love paranormal, urban fantasy, Young adult so that would be a plus. 
  4. Organization is a must. I'm a little bit of a control freak.
  5. Photoshop and html a huge plus since I'm still learning and not very good. 
  6. Must be outgoing, because I'm super shy and it would benefit the blog (I'm working on my shyness.)
  7. Someone I can chat with about non-bookish stuff so good communication skills are a plus. 
  8. An animal lover. I currently have a cat and 2 dogs. 
  9. Caffeine addict would be a plus I'm a huge coffee drinker.
  10. A movie and Tv junkie would be an awesome bonus. 
Which book do you think would make a better TV show than movie?


  1. I love animals! Great list! I was already following you on GFC so I followed you on Bloglovin :)

  2. I like that you really seem to have put some thought into this! I definitely agree with someone needing to be a TV junkie! You can tell a lot about a person by what shows they love.

    Here's my F&F!

  3. Great list! All makes total sense! I'm a new follower :D

    Here's my F&F

  4. After reading your list, I think we might be the same people. You sound just like me! Well, except that I'm more of an organized mess instead of just organized. Great list! New follower on bloglovin :)

  5. Great post. I think these are the best qualities of any good book blogger. Especially coffee.

    New follower BL
    Jessi @ The Book Cove