Thursday, April 10, 2014

Life of a Blogger

Life of a Blogger

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This weeks topic: Food

I've not done this particular post before but it's fitting that this week I plan on adding it to my rotation is all about food. I'm a die hard cooking freak so food is a important part of my life. It's a great outlet for me to express myself aside from my love of books. I prefer baking because I do have a weakness for sweet stuff, or bread which I make a lot of. 

The funny think is that I don't eat a lot of what I make but thankfully I have a hubby and two kids who are only to happy to gobble up what comes out of the oven. This morning I made a banana bread which is surprisingly still in the fridge but I'm sure it will be gone tomorrow. This past weekend I made a red velvet cupcake with cookie dough in the middle loaded with homemade buttercream vanilla frosting for a party. They were amazing so I was told, and I didn't have to worry about leftovers.  

I also love to try new restaurants with the hubby he's a food fan too. We try to do a new place each date night however my hubby has a Red Robin or Outback problem so they are the go place for us when he get's to pick. I prefer to try southern food places, chinese or thai food. 

I also do a lot of cooking at home, I'm lucky I can make anything with a recipe except French Macarons they seem to always crack or not have the feet that I need them too. I'm kind of a perfectionist so when they may taste yummy but if they aren't perfect I'm not happy. I also have perfected the art of homemade marshmallows which are amazing as smores and in hot chocolate. 

My favorite must have foods:
Coffee it's more of a drink but it's the staple to having a good day. I must drink at least one cup of coffee every morning prefer an espresso but the hubby likes coffee some morning so I make a pot of dunkin donut. I love my coffee with homemade biscotti so yummy.

I love a good stir fry loaded with veggies chicken and tofu. I'm the only one who is stir fry crazy so I only make it while the hubby is tdy or deployed but the kids will pick some of the veggies out but eat it most times. 

Fresh bread is amazing and I make a few loaves a week with my breadmaker makes for awesome toast. I also like to make homemade bagels & pretzels but they never last long around here.

Last would be a roast in the crock pot with veggies and fresh bread makes for a easy yummy dinner. 

I feel like I could ramble forever about food but I won't bore you. 

What are your thoughts on food?

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