Friday, April 11, 2014

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Follow Friday
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This Week's Question:

Tell us about a book that you didn't like and why we shouldn't read it (as nicely and respectfully as possible)

This is a hard question to answer because a book I may not have enjoyed is one you may have enjoyed. Just because I didn't enjoy a book doesn't mean it's a bad book it could just be that I wasn't in the mood or that I didn't like one of the characters or it was a love triangle. Since I don't feel fair telling anyone not to read a book I'm just going to see what everyones else has to share!!!

Happy reading!


  1. Hopping through. I agree that it is a difficult question - although it was my idea - I tried to structure the question in a way that would elicit responses of why someone didn't like a particular book but didn't devolve into pure book trashing. I agree that just because a book is bad for you doesn't mean it will be bad for me.
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  2. Happy FF! Different strokes for different folks! Old bloglovin NEW GFC.
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  3. That's a really good answer! I agree with you.. Though I still stated a book that drove me nuts lol.
    Happy weekend.

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