Monday, February 10, 2014

Diary Entry

February 10th 2014

It's February!!! One month down 11 more to go. It's just moving way too fast. I feel like I'll never catch up at the rare it's going. I've only read 11 books this year but they have been great. I keep adding more and more books to my never ending pile. With all my challenges for the next few months it should help encourage my catching up. 

Currently reading 

Heist Society by Ally Carter (Goodreads) This is my first book by this author and I'm not sure how I feel. I'm about 40%.

Up Next
I was recommended that I read In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes (Goodreads) books. So I'm going to give the first one in her vampire series a shot.

Non-bookish update. 

Everyone is sick at my house. The older kid brought home a cold that is working it's way through all of us. The hubby I think has the worst he's got a stomach bug of some kind in addition to a bad cough. I hate being sick it's no fun but the four year old seems to be find aside for her cough. Being sick has kept me away from blogging but I'm feeling pretty good this morning. 

We've been hoping for rain since California is in a bit of a dry spell. Well they clouds have opened up and it's been raining for days. Lots of muddy foot prints and the hyper puppy is going nuts being stuck inside this last week but he get's so muddy outside because he loves to play in it.

Cover Reveals I happened to see recently.
Evil Red by Nikki Jefford 
Get Even by Gretchen McNeil 

Last a quick note about the movie Vampire Academy. I loved it..... I wanted to see it a second time but the hubby was a no go. Oh well I'll impatiently wait for my blu-ray copy. I'm sure my four year old will think it's the new twilight.

How was your weekend?

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