Saturday, December 7, 2013

Review: Christmas Kismet

Title - Christmas Kismet
Author - Jemma Grey
Genre - Romance
Published November 5th 2013
Format - Kindle freebie


Kate Murray has always loved Christmas. 

Until this year. 

This year, Christmas represents an aching reminder of all that Kate is supposed to have and all that she has lost. Her fiance ran off with her twin sister and Kate would rather hide and wallow in her misery than spend Christmas with her family. 

This will be the first Christmas that she has ever spent alone. 

Kate rents a secluded cabin for the holidays and hopes to find herself again as she picks up the pieces of her shattered heart. 

Instead, Kate finds Henri Archer, a sexy architect who owns the vacation cabin that she rented. Henri is undeniably handsome and although Kate knows that it is entirely too soon for her heart to embark on a new relationship, her attraction to Henri is impossible to ignore. 

Since the death of his wife three years ago, Henri has struggled to get through Christmas. Spending an unexpectedly romantic holiday secluded in a winter wonderland with Kate has Henri wondering if Christmas wishes really do come true. 

Together, Henri and Kate rekindle the joys of the Christmas season - each contemplating bearing the scars of their pasts for a second chance at love. 

Kate fears that by opening her heart to Henri she risks re-opening herself to the heart ache that threatened to destroy her. 

Henri hopes that two broken hearts can come together and mend each other - a true Christmas miracle. 

**Christmas Kistmet is a sweet and steamy holiday romantic tale about love, fate and the redemption of second chances*


Kate’s walked in on her twin sister kissing her fiancĂ© they make it worse by claiming you can’t help who you fall in love with. Kate’s emotions are running high and with the prospect of coming home and seeing the happy couple at her family home doesn’t appeal to her. At the last minute she rents a cabin a few hours away packs up and heads off to enjoy a quiet Christmas by herself. When she arrives at the cabin she’s shocked to find an attractive man cooking dinner.

Kate learns that Henri owns the cabin and had decided to spend the holiday alone after all his own heartache. He quickly starts to leave since she booked the cabin but she encourages him to stay at least for dinner. As Henri decides to head home the door opens into a blizzard which Kate can’t let him drive off in, nor can she deny her attraction for him. While they both are falling for each other can they accept the other secrets?  

I tend to avoid novellas only because they are so short and the story feels rushed. This one was a kindle freebie, and worked perfect for my monopoly roll. The concept is cute two broken hearted people finding love in an unexpected way. The story was too short to connect with either character but they do love one of my cookbooks so that was a plus. However I don’t really like books with the characters who fall in instant love with each other. The whole instant love thing is why I avoid shorter stories I’m the kind of girl who always wants more. That being I enjoyed the quick read it’s cute and who doesn’t love a Christmas story?    
3 out of 5 stars

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