Friday, December 20, 2013

Follow Friday

Follow Friday
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This Week's Question:

Pick a book in your favorite genre that you'd recommend to a reluctant reader. 


This one is tough because I have so many favorites I am always recommending to non-readers. My choice this week would have to be an urban Fantasy.....
Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K Hamilton. 
I have been lending out copies of this book for years. I have a love hate relationship with Anita. Her first 8ish books are awesome but the later stuff is a little on the smutty side. I prefer action to smut but I'm hopeful that she's going to get better. I think Anita is a perfect example of Urban Fantasy even if she is a little smutty later on. 

What about you? What book would you recommend?


  1. Never heard of this book but I might give it a try some day! :D

    new follower on bloglovin!

    Charlotte @ Thoughts and Pens

  2. I'm new to the blogosphere and could use some followers. I’m now following you via GFC & Twitter. You can find my blog at Kismet Book Reviews & Tours
    Happy Holidays!