Friday, December 27, 2013

2014 Vampire Challenge

Vampire Challenge 2014 
Hosted by Parajunkee

  1. The Vampire Challenge runs from January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014
  2. The challenge is to read 10 books that have a VAMPIRE as a main, or supporting character
  3. Books can be in any format and should be at least 100 pages. Short stories do not count. You can also post about rereads.
  4. Post about this challenge on your blog stating that you are participating or create a shelf via Goodreads, Booklikes etc. That post or shelf is the link that you will include in the link-up below. The link should be the post link not just your direct blog link. Please be courteous and include a link back to this post.
  5. Post your reviews on the Review Post: Click here to log your reviews!
1. Sun Damage by Nikki Rae - Review
2. Northern Bites by Nikki Jefford - Review
3. In the Forests of the Night by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - Review
4. Demon in my View by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes - Review
5. Into the Darkness by K.F. Breene - Review
6. Braving the Elements by K.F. Breene - Review
7. On a Razor's Edge by K.F. Breene - Review
8. Isle of Night by Veronica Wolff - Review
9. Vampire University by V.J. Erickson - Review
10. The Council by K.F. Breene - Review


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