Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Daily Diary

The Daily Diary
April 17th 2013

I love blogging but in the last few months it’s been all work with limited fun and I don't see much of Mandy. So my new goal is to have a daily post of thoughts, random stuff and anything else I feel like sharing. Most of it will be bookish but I will have the odd random stuff. I love to talk about books so this should be fun and a great outlet for me.

I'm such a slacker on this post. I keep saying daily and just haven't been able to get around to it. Ugh I fail. Let's see this week so far hasn't been bad as far as blogging. I was going to do Top Ten Tuesdays but I couldn't think of many books under the topic I've read recently so I skipped it. I thought about using a past one but felt a little dorky doing that while everyone else was doing this weeks.

I'm about halfway done with the Afterlife Academy and plan to finish today. Then I plan to start The Huaca next. I finished Comes the Night my review will be up later this week I loved the story. After The Huaca I'll be starting an epic fantasy Insight which I'm a little nervous about because I've not read many epic fantasy books before but also a little excited it sounds awesome. Then I'll finish off the weekend I hope with Triangles and PODS.

I've cut back on my baking. The hubby's gone and it's warm outside no point heating up the house and it wasn't helping me get in shape either. However the monster puppy and I have been walking daily which is good for both of us.

Off to paint the little ones toes. I leave you with cute puppy picture. Grimm 4 months old almost 50 pounds.  Have a great day!

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