Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Review: Centaur Rivalry

Title - Centaur Rivalry
Author - Nancy Straight
Series - Touched #3
Genre - YA Mythology
Format - ARC Review
Publication - April 28 2013


The Centaur world is rocked as news spreads of the Lost Herd, Camille's existence, and her Centaur protector. A death order against Camille's father and family sends all into hiding. 

Camille and Drake leave the country pursued by the Lost Herd as well as by Centaur Council enforcers. Camille's twin brother Cameron is manipulated by the Council Head and is quickly becoming her newest enemy.

Amid unexpected new protectors, enemies, and romances, Camille and Drake make their plans to travel to Africa to confront the Centaur Council. They hope acceptance of Camille as Chiron's heir, yet knowing that her link to the Lost Herd could require them to kill or to be killed.


I received an advanced copy in return for an honest review from the author Nancy Straight. Centaur Rivalry is the third installment in the Touched series. Camille grew up without the knowledge that she is a Centauride until her mother passes away. Upon learning the existence of Cami her life changed forever as she’s been thrust into the world of mythology. Cami flees from her grandmother in hopes of finding the arrow that will give them a chance against the council. However Drake in hopes of saving Cami changes his own life making him a warrior. However with a chance meeting of an unlikely ally he learns he’s not forever a true Centaur.

With the help of their new ally they are able to flee the council guard saving another Centauride as well as her friend. Together with the help of her family and Drake the group will fight to the death to save their family. As Cami only hope to save the lost herd is to appear before the Centaur council and petition to become part of the council. It won’t be easy her grandmother is the chairman who wants her death. They will come against impossible odds but to protect them all Cami will risk it all for people she’s only just met.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. I can’t say enough how much I love the Touched Series. It’s stolen a place in my heart and I just can’t get enough of it. I love Cami she’s so sweet, strong, independent, caring about people she hardly knows, plus who doesn't love Drake he’s perfect for her. The author does an amazing job of twisting other characters into the story creating little buds of romance and intrigue. I find the story captivating just like the other I struggled with putting it down I actually stayed up late just finishing only to grrrr that I have to wait till the next one comes out this winter. I find the whole concept for the centaurs unique and exciting it’s a world I’ve never experienced before and I’m thrilled to have the chance. As will the other’s the book is brilliantly written from start to finish filled with action that keeps you on your toes and romance that leaves you gushing. The Touched series is one that teens will love as well as adults. I can’t wait counting down the days. 

5 out of 5 Star

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