Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blog Tour: Review: Fractured Soul

Title - Fractured Soul
Author - Rachel McClellan
Series - Fractured Light #2
Genre - YA Paranormal
Publication - February 12th 2013


Llona will do whatever it takes to protect her new found friends and home, but the dark plot that is threatening Lucent Academy, a school that’s supposed to be a safe place for Auras, may be too powerful for even Llona to defeat. This fast-paced tale of love, loyalty, and overcoming the darkness will keep you on the edge of your seat until the last page!


I received Fractured Soul in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by Dark World Books. Fractured Soul starts right after the end of Fractured light. Llona is headed off to Lucent Academy to learn more about the Aura's but she's not going alone her good friend May who is also a Fury is going to be joining her on the new adventure. Unfortunately Llona won't be spending time with Christian since it's against the rules for a guardian and his ward to be romantic they are supposed to be keeping apart. When they arrive at the academy Llona's room which is bigger then her old room has an odor of blood but she's the only one who can smell it.

While at the academy she has an encounter with a Vyken which leaves her suspecting that more is going on at the academy then she suspects. She also finds Christian at the academy instead of training young guardians like she expected. Llona knows she needs to get to the bottom of what's going on with the Vyken she slain, as well as why they are at the school. However the bite she received has left it's poison inside of her making the darkness grow inside of her. Not only will Llona have to figure out what's going she will have to learn to control the darkness before it's too late.

Just like the first I really enjoyed reading more about Llona she's quickly stealing a place in my heart. I love the unique world the author has created for Llona and her friends to live in. Fractured soul is a fast paced action adventure filled with conspiracy and romance. I was really excited to see Christian and Llona's relationship continue it's a sweet relationship that just enhances who Llona is as a character. I also enjoyed the fact that May also has a special gift that kept Llona from being alone. Fractured Soul is a brilliant continuation in Llona's adventure and I can't wait to get my hands on Fractured Truth.

5 out of 5 stars

About the Author

Rachel McClellan was born and raised in Idaho, a place secretly known for its supernatural creatures. When she’s not in her writing lair, she’s partying with her husband and four crazy, yet lovable, children. Rachel’s love for storytelling began as a child when the moon first possessed the night. For when the lights went out, her imagination painted a whole new world. And what a scary world it was…

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