Friday, March 22, 2013

Throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday March 22nd 2013

Throwback Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by The Housework Can Wait and Never to fond of Books.

It's the nature of book blogging to focus mainly on new releases, but there are thousands of great books out there that haven't seen the "New Releases" shelf in years. We hope to be able to bring attention to some older titles that may or not be at the top of the current bestseller list, but still deserve a spot in your To-Be-Read pile.

You don't have to be a book blogger to participate! You can put up a Throwback Thursday post on your non-bookish blog; or if you don't have a blog at all you can use the comments to tell us about a book your remember fondly.

And NOW! We’re expanding! Throwback Thursday is no longer limited to just books! Throwback Thursday is dedicated to shining the spotlight on any book-related old favorites that need to be remembered.What’s your favorite classic television show or movie adaptation? What about your favorite song? Was your favorite toy a character from a book?
Here’s how it works:
  • Pick any media (or non-media item) released more than 5 years ago. Remember to keep it book-related!
  • Write up a short summary (include the title, author, and cover art, if applicable) and an explanation of why you love it. Make sure to link back to The Housework Can Wait and Never Too Fond of Books in your post.
  • Link up your post at The Housework Can Wait or Never Too Fond of Books.
  • Visit as many blogs as you can, reminisce about books you loved, and discover some “new” books for your TBR list – or some other classic
My Choice this week:

Alice In Wonderland
Lewis Carroll
Published 1865

An uproarious and unique whimsical children story of Alice's confrontation with the world that is eccentric. The events that take place through Alice's visit in a bizarre "Wonderland" are spontaneous and fantastically unplanned. The characters are remarkably amusing and entertaining. Its language is highly figurative that takes the reader in the realm of true imagination. Enchanting!

Not a great synopsis but who hasn't heard of the story of Alice in Wonderland. So many different versions both movie and book covers. I think the above is my favorite it's on my to buy list one of the leather bound of the above pattern. I recently watched Alice In Wonderland 2010 version which I think is my favorite because who doesn't love Tim Burton's take on the classic. Plus with the all star cast for me it's a win win! My mom and grandmother both used to read Alice in Wonderland to me before bed. It's one of those story's I have fond memories of and hope that my three year old will have as much love as I do. It's been ages since I read the book however I plan to start reading a little bit each night before bed to my little girl.  

What's your throwback this week?

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