Thursday, June 29, 2023

Throwback Thursday!


Happy Throwback Thursday! 

A new week all new books to share. On an adventure to the thrift shop with the munchkin we happened across these for only $1 couldn't pass them up. I used to have all the Nancy Drew books as a teenager but sadly they ended up lost within the many moves. I've been hunting them down over the years if I happen across them. I've read them so many times some of my favorite mysteries and started my love of mysteries. 

Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene 
Originally Published May 1st 1930 
The series consists of 163 volumes 
She's written several other Nancy Drew Mysteries as well over the years. 
Find them on (Goodreads

Since it's Throwback Thursday I'm watching a classic that came out 37 years ago this week. 



This man started my addiction to alpha, morally grey characters. I just loved him growing up and was so sure I would marry him. Sadly that didn't happy but Jareth will always be one of my favorite fictional men. The puppetry for this movie was amazing back in the day and I still think it's magical watching it this am. 

Anyone else in love with the Goblin King Jereth? 

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