Thursday, June 8, 2023

Throwback Thursday!

Gosh it’s already Thursday the week is flying by. I need more reading time because I just haven't been able to get enough this week. 

I tried to find my original copy of The Handmaid’s Tale for #throwbackthursday but I don’t have it sadly. I did find an image of the copy I used to have. I also included the more modern current cover. 

I read this in 9th grade and also 11th grade. I remember my reading group in 11th coming over to my house to watch the movie….My reading group watched the movie that year too. I don't think my parents took into consideration what kind of movie I had my reading group over to watch. It was a interesting few hours of movie night, even if it was super uncomfortable. When we presented in class we watched the movie I thought my teacher was going to die. I haven't read it or seen it since that year. 

Margaret Atwood was ahead of her time when she wrote this one because now it’s a Hulu sensation. I’ve been devouring each season as they did an amazing job turning the book into a show. I was going to read the new book but I going to wait a little longer and read them both together. I didn’t love it when I read it in school either time but I do enjoy the show. 

QOTD: Did you read The Handmaid’s Tale in school? Have you seen the show on Hulu? 

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