Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke And The Bookish. Now hosted over at That Artsy Reader Girl

This weeks topic is:

Top Ten Goals and Hopes For 2021

I have so many goals this year as I lacked in doing and completing many from last year. I only have 8 this year but I think they are all great ones. 

1. This one is a given I want to read 250 books this year and complete my goodreads goal. I would like to read more than 250 books but I will be happy with 250. 

2. Blog more with more original content and more reviews. I used to write a review for every book but last year kinda through that out the window. I spent the year coming up with great content but by the time it came time to execute I was burned out. This year I hope to write more. 

3. Work on my photography. I have the camera but haven't invested the time and energy into learning to use it to it's full potential. This year I want to start taking photos everyday and work on building a portfolio. 

4. Bake more as I didn't do a lot of it last year. I love to bake and dream of one day having my own bakery. I hope to get back into that groove and start putting more time and energy into creating desserts that I love. This is the brownie cheesecake I made this weekend. It's not pretty but it was a trial run for another that I'm making for a friend this weekend. 

5. Finish more project's that I start. This one is a big one I have so many crafty projects that I've started but never seem to finish. I want to do more sewing and more crochet projects. I know Izzy has a few projects that she wants me to do for her. 

6. Walk/spin more. I had to have the expensive spin bike that I don't use enough. I hope to spend more time this year on it and get into better shape. I want to start walking more with the dogs it's good for us and may be the only time I get quiet time outside the house if the quarantine keeps up. 

7. Instagram more this used to be a must and favorite part of the day but getting stuck home looking at the same thing everyday it just lost it's enjoyment. Plus add in I wasn't reading, blogging or being craft I didn't have a lot to share. This year I hope to grow my following and post more content. 

8. Bullet journal regularly. I used to do this for years but last year like everything else I struggled to do new things. My days turned into just home schooling and the more and more that went on I didn't see a lot of change. This year I use mine daily and refresh my love of using my bullet journal. Even if it's just taking the dogs for walk and hitting the store for food. 

What's on your list this week?


  1. These are some great goals! Wow, you're planning to read a lot. I think that's awesome.

    Will you be blogging about your baking or photography?

    My post.

  2. Sounds like you've got some great goals to work on. Good luck with them all. Oh, and brownie cheesecake? Genius! That sounds delicious :)

    Happy TTT!

  3. I'd like to work on my photography as well, especially for my etsy shop. I hope you can stop by: