Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Book Review: Blood Moon by JJ King

 Title - Blood Moon 
Author - JJ King 
Series - Alpha Wolf Academy #3 
Genre - Young Adult Paranormal
Format - Kindle 
Pages - 256
Published - June 18th 2020
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A troubled relationship, a political attack, a backstabbing traitor, and a whole shitload of trouble. 

Elena Jensen is done being the victim. She's stronger now and ready to begin training her most valuable asset, her natural born Alpha powers. Life would actually be looking up, if it weren't for the price on her head and her soulmate's inability to move past the moment she'd shared with Connor during the plane crash. 

When she begins training with someone uniquely qualified to help with her new powers, Elena starts to think that maybe she has a chance against her psychotic uncle and that maybe she could one day reclaim what is rightfully hers. 

Elena's hopes and plans come crashing down when The Sisterhood is attacked on multiple fronts, leaving her new allies reeling and vengeful against those who would harm them. Caught up in the rush of political upheaval, Elena never sees the hand that betrays her or the blow that threatens her life. 


You'll never know how much strength you have until you're given the choice to fight or die. 

Fans of Vampire Academy and Legacies will want to sink their teeth into Alpha Wolf Academy! 

Opening line
Sweet dripped into my eyes, stinging them, blurring them, but I ignored it and kept my focus locked on the man standing across from me. 

Blood Moon is the third installment of the Alpha Wolf Academy that tells the story of Elena Jensen. She's come along way from the girl who started the new year at Alpha Wolf Academy all alone. Now she's found her mate, has new best friends, a sisterhood, new family, and started learning about her abilities. She's survived multiple attacks from her crazy uncle who is determined to eliminate the competition. 

Elena has been training and working on controlling her alpha abilities, with the help of her sisters in the sisterhood. Her relationship is growing with Bash her soulmate, and her friends are finding new loves. However, the danger to the sisterhood and her uncle is out there still hunting her and it's only time before he catches her. 

I love Elena she's smart, stubborn, fiercely loyal, and a fighter. She's one of the characters you can't help liking right from the start. Blood Moon is the third installment of the series and the more we get to know her the more I find myself liking her as well as the people around her. Bash is a perfect partner to her they complement each other well and have this sizzling chemistry. I liked Rory as well right from the start she was the perfect ally for Elena. 

This is the first series I've read by JJ King but I've become a quick fan as I've gobbled up the first three books, and can't wait to dive into the fourth book. I love her writing style it flows smoothly it was easy to get lost in Elena's story and lose all track of time. I've found the Alpha Wolf Academy series captivating with a great series of characters and a story that just flows and keeps us guessing. I can't wait till the next installment and see how Elena's future unfolds now. Highly recommend if you enjoy shifter academy novels to check this one out. The author has put her own unique spin on the shifter world. 

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