Sunday, May 20, 2018

COYER Big Summer Birthday Bash Sign Up

COYER Big Summer Birthday Bash
Sign up post (here

It's that time again for a new round of Coyer. This round the hosts are in full birthday swing. 

Basic info
Stars June 8th and ends September 1st. 

All books anything goes. No limit on price or format. 

5 Birthday bash celebrations. 

I'm feeling ambitious and going to join in on them all but we will see how the summer goes. As it tends to be summer coyer seems to be the one I struggle with. 

Declare my cleaning goal 
Deep Clean - More than 20 books. I'm hoping for more like closer to 60 books. 

5 Read-a-thons
Fairy Tales with a Twist - June 17th - June 23rd - Fairy Tale re-tellings
Christmas in July - July 15th - July 21st - Holiday themed books
Dusting Off The Shelves - July 29th - Aug 4th - Oldest books on the shelf/ereader
Scary Stories by the Campfire - Aug 5th Aug 11th - Horror/thriller 
Short and Sweet - Aug 26th to Aug 31st - Short novellas

Participate in the one or all of the Mini-Challenges 

Mini Scavenger hunt
From August 12th to Aug 25th 
List (here

Join in the social media games
Facebook questions daily, twitter, Instagram 

Bingo Game 
I even picked out a board now to fill it in. 

Survive Hurricane Berls 
July 25th to July 28th
Only ebooks $1 or less prior to June 9th
Need to make a list of a few for this one. 

#9 is Make a list of 15 books to read during coyer and read at least 10 of them. This one I think I can tie in with Bingo. 

Switch Sunday 
June 24th to July 14th 
1 week each. 
Strict - 
The List - Need to make a list for this. 
The Twist - 

I think I have them all on the list. The plan is to take part in all aspects of Coyer because it's a great way to push my reading. 

Be sure to sign up too. Don't forget to join the facebook group for updates and daily questions. 

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