Monday, January 8, 2018

Book Review: The Inferno

Title - The Inferno
Author - L.L. Frost 
Genre - Reverse Harem
Published - January 5th 2018
Format - Kindle 
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With an ignis demon on the loose, it’s up to Adie and the guys to track Torch down before he catches more than her bakery on fire. If he exposes demons to humankind, it puts everyone’s life at risk. Adie’s determined to safely bring Torch home, but Tobias, Kellen, and Emil’s plan involves something less pleasant. 

At odds with each other, it becomes a race through the city to see who will find Torch first. Will Adie risk more than her unstable relationship with the guys to do what she feels is right? And will the consequences be something they can all live with? 

Follow Adie on her continuing (mis)adventures filled with troublesome demons as she strives toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans. 

Adie is a succubus who may have rushed a little when it came to getting a human body. Which has caused her not to be able to enter the dream world by herself, as other succubi can do. She's accepted a deal with 3 powerful demons granted she altered it just a little but enough to get what she wants plus her bakery. However, the more time she spends with the guys the more she learns about herself. It's time to study up and learn what she's missing about being a succubus because she's doing it wrong. 

Adie is finally getting to open her bakery but on the night of a soft opening, things go wrong when her little ignis demon runs off leaving a trail of fire in his wake. The guys set out after him with her but she knows that she needs to be the one to find him or they will just destroy him. When she finds him she does the only thing she can do to save him she draws in his energy but in doing so his fire burns her body forcing her to let her inner succubus heal her physical body. 

I've had my eye on this series for a while but waited till a few more came out before diving right in. The reverse harem concept is growing in popularity and I'm becoming a quick fan. As the series is short novellas I figured it was better to combine them together plus that way I wouldn't be giving anything away. I love Adie she's a great character you can't help cheering her on as she overcomes everything that is thrown at her. At first, I wasn't sure about our demon trio but the more we get to know them the more I like them. I'm curious to see how this is all going to work out. I highly recommend this quick read series it's easy to get lost and read them all in just a few short hours. One of my new favorites and I can't wait for the next one to come out.

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