Monday, January 8, 2018

Book Review: The Cinderella Arrangement

Title - The Cinderella Arrangement 
Author - Vanessa Waltz 
Genre - Romance Contemporary 
Format - Kindle 
Published - May 31st 2016 
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Fake Cinderella. Real Romance. 
Luke Pardini is many things: playboy, tabloid fodder, ridiculously attractive billionaire. He’s the Prince Charming every woman dreams of. 

And he wants me to be his fake girlfriend. 

I don't want a relationship, even a make-believe one, but I do need the money. Writing isn't paying the bills, and I hardly have time for a second job, let alone a romance. But he's offering me a dream-come true. 

I'll get the fancy dresses, the formal dinners, the full Luke Pardini experience. I get to be Cinderella for a few weeks, then I'll trade in the shoes. No problem, right? 

Except I don’t have to pretend when he touches me, but he’s made it clear I only get to play his girlfriend for a few weeks. When midnight strikes, our Cinderella Arrangement is over. 

He promised the arrangement would be simple. 

I promised I wouldn’t fall in love. 
Life has been hard for Jessica growing up in foster care didn't leave her much after she turned 18 to start her future. She was able to attend college working hard for it even graduating with an English degree but finding a job seems to elude her. When it's clear that working two retail jobs aren't going to cut it she decides to try something else. Signing up to be a sugar baby for billionaires just to get enough money till she can find a job. It's not like she will be having sex with them so it can't be too bad to go on a few dates. 

Jessica never expected that she would be given the role of girlfriend to Luke a sex playboy who's inheritance is at stake. Luke needs someone who can help him get what he deserves as his father is threating to write him out of the will. While it started as nothing more than a business deal that would help them both out it was hard to deny the chemistry. Pretending to be Luke's girlfriend isn't hard but the more time she spends with him she finds herself falling for him.

I like Jessica she has issues but she's working hard to move past them, and with Luke, she finds what she's not so lonely anymore. I like the chemistry between the two of them it was sizzling right from the start. Jessica is just so sweet you can't help liking her right from the start and even Luke who may be a playboy he's the Prince Charming she needs. 

I happened across this one a few months ago adding it to my wishlist. Just by chance, I saw this is was currently free and had to pick it up. I've been craving a good billionaire romance and who doesn't love a Cinderella spin story. I admit it's one of my favorite concepts so I knew that I had to give it a chance. Quickly I fell in love with the characters as well as the story it's an emotionally charged story of two broken people finding a happy ever after. This is my first book by the author and I can't wait to read more of her books. This was a great book to start off my billionaire romance challenge. Highly recommend it's a sweet HEA with a little steamy romance. 

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