Thursday, December 14, 2017

#DustOffYourBookshelf Thursday

#DustOffYourBookshelf Thursday
Dust off your Bookshelf was originally created to share books that have been on my “to read pile” for a long time. Some so long I’ve forgotten that they are there, and have purchased duplicate copies. Each week I will share on my blog as well as Instagram a new title. Some may be newer and some so old I have forgotten they are there. I do have issues with buying books and never reading them. I’m hoping that by share them I will be motivated to read them. Plus it’s always fun to find new books hiding within the bookshelves. Feel free to join in and share on Instagram or your blog. Just let me know so I can check out your choice this week too. Just use #DustOffYourBookshelf

This weekly makes me feel like a hoarder when it comes to books because deep down I really am. I have so many books that I keep adding to my shelves but they never end up getting read. I keep saying one day they will all be read. 

I figured this week I would pick one of my first #coyer books an ebook that has been on my kindle for ages that meets the requirment

My book choice this week: 
Nescessary Magic 
by Val St. Crowe
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Opening Lines
"Come on guys, it's not funny anymore," said Zoe Patterson in a weak voice. She'd been following the light in the woods ahead of her for what seemed like a very long time. Now, she was deep out in the wild woods, and there was nothing around her on any side but tall tree trunks and dark shadows of foliage. 
Seventeen years ago, the human realm collided with a magic world. Now, humans skulk in the shadows of the witches and their werewolf servants—who control the magic of the Hallows—and the opposing faction of the unicorns—who are potent beasts, fierce and terrifyingly beautiful. 

When scavenger and thief Bree West is captured and handed over to a herd of unicorns, her only thought is escape. But the creatures are both terrible and ethereal, and being with them is a sweet ache. She begins to feel as though she is meant to be here. Her presence makes the unicorns stronger, and they are the only ones on earth strong enough to stand against the cruel and brutal witches. Perhaps being with the unicorns is the first step to bringing freedom to the new world. 

Werewolf Jack Bastian serves as the witches’ weapon because he has no choice. Rakish and aloof, Jack has been having dreams about a girl and unicorns. He always wakes with a pang, sure the dreams mean something, but he can’t afford to let those feelings affect him. Jack survives by obeying his commands and not giving a damn who he hurts. 

When the high witch learns of Bree and her unicorns, she demands that Jack destroy her. He cannot disobey. 

Even if Bree is the girl from the dreams. 

Feel free to dig through your shelves and share what you find. 
Please leave a comment telling me where I can check it out.


  1. I have the same problem, ESPECIALLY with e-books. This book looks interesting, though. Hope you get to read it soon!

  2. That looks like an interesting book - can't remember the last time I read something with Unicorns in it. I hear 'ya about buying e-books you never read. I have a serious one-click addiction on amazon!