Thursday, December 21, 2017

Book Review: Succubus Studies

Title - Succubus Studies
Author - L.L. Frost 
Series - Succubus Bargain 6 & 7 
Genre - Young Adult 
Format - Kindle 
Published - 2017
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The Torch
After a rocky few weeks, Adie’s life is almost back on track. She’s ironed out the kinks in her new living situation and even fallen into a friendly relationship with her three sexy, demon roommates, Tobias, Emil, and Kellen. Barring the occasional misunderstanding, they even manage to follow her rules. Most of the time. Feeling like her perfect life is almost within reach, Adie only needs to check off one more task before opening her new shop, Boo’s Boutique Bakery. 

How hard can it be to hire a few trustworthy employees? When her cousin, Julian, makes an offer too perfect to be true, can she afford to refuse? Finding the right mix of employees for the bakery might be a bigger task than Adie bargained for! 

Follow Adie on her continuing (mis)adventures filled with troublesome demons as she strives toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans.

The Blaze 
Opening Boo’s Boutique Bakery is almost within Adie’s reach. It’s so close, she can taste the frosting. With her plate already full of three sexy demons, a cadre of wayward imps, and her search to find out about her errant demonic nature, it’s not the best time for an unknown hunter to walk into her bakery with her prospective new employee. Adie can’t seem to catch a break. Or can she? 

Her new baker comes with potential risks that might outweigh the benefits of having her help with the soft-opening Adie plans for her bakery. If that’s not enough, weird things are happening when she tries to feed that send her reeling. Can she make the right choices and get answers? Or will her cupcake dreams go up in smoke? 

Follow Adie on her continuing (mis)adventures filled with troublesome demons and wayward humans as she strives toward achieving a quasi-normal life among humans. 
Adie is a succubus who may have rushed a little when it came to getting a human body. Which has caused her not to be able to enter the dream world by herself, as other succubi can do. She's accepted the deal granted she altered it just a little but enough to get what she wants plus her bakery. However, the more time she spends with the guys the more she learns about herself. It's time to study up and learn what she's missing about being a succubus because she's doing it wrong. 

Adie has a plan but opening a bakery she will feed on the happy people with skimming she won't need to worry about feeding herself. The only thing standing in her way just happens to be three powerful demons who are determined to get more than just a deal out of her. In order to open her bakery, they want her to feed off them but at what cost? Will she survive a Bargain with the trio? Will she get her bakery? 

I've had my eye on this series for a while but waited till a few more came out before diving right in. The reverse harem concept is growing in popularity and I'm becoming a quick fan. As the series is short novellas I figured it was better to combine them together plus that way I wouldn't be giving anything away. I love Adie she's a great character you can't help cheering her on as she overcomes everything that is thrown at her. At first, I wasn't sure about our demon trio but the more we get to know them the more I like them. I'm curious to see how this is all going to work out. I highly recommend this quick read series it's easy to get lost and read them all in just a few short hours. One of my new favorites and I can't wait for the next one to come out.

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