Saturday, December 3, 2016

December 2016 challenges - Day 3

December 2016 challenges 

I'm doing this duo of Instagram challenges and figured it would be a fun post to write daily since they both center around books. 

Day 3 New favorite authors, and #Shelfie all the books of 2016

#Shelfie All the Books of 2016 
I have way too many to find them all and I stack them in series, not the year. I could spend days digging through the piles of books that I have looking for 2016 books. I did find a stack from Titans to Heartless that are all 2016 published books. 

New favorite authors 
I decided to pick 4 new to me authors from 2016 that I've become a huge fan of. 
All 4 are new authors of 2016 that I've become addicted to their story telling. Each is unique and brilliant.
I eagerly await the next story from them all. 

Gillian Zane / Pepper Winters / A. Zavarelli / Christina Lauren

Who are you favorite new authors of 2016?

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