Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Rewind 2016

December Rewind 2016
What happened in December@ TRD

Not as many books this month as I had hoped. Lots of crafty, baking and family time though which isn't a big surprise with the holidays. 

I've been working on getting my bullet journal ready for 2017!

Read in December only 5 but that's because it was a crazy busy holiday month. 

I finished out 2016 with 150 books.

Sweet Venom by Gena D Lutz / Moonlight by Tim O'Rourke 
Help Wanted by RIchie Tankersley Cusick / Queen Heir by Jaymin Eve & Leia Stone / The SnowFang Bride by Merry Ravenell

January Goals
I need to finish this growing review pile as well as knock a few off the TBR list. 
I need to read more manga's it's been weeks since I've read any in forever. I know with the holiday reading is going to be tough but I'm hoping for 20 novels this month. I can't wait for the new year because things will get back to normal. 

Crafty & Cooking 

A few messy bun hats, and maybe a few rows on last year's blanket I didn't finish. 

Steps goal 
Still walking towards my goal of 10k average. 


Lots of Instagram challenges this month.  
Follow Me (Here)
Still an Instagram addict. It's been a great outlet for me. 
Stop by say hi and don't forget to follow me =D

What are your goals for the new month? New Year?

Have a great month!!!!

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  1. At least you read 5. I am still on #1... lol
    That cake looks like chocolate suicide... count me in!
    Happy 2017!