Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 Bookish Resolutions

2017 Bookish Resolutions 
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I skipped out on 2016 but I'm back for 2017

4 types which break down to 

Blogging Goals
~ Update my Review Tracking
~ Update old reviews
~Tweak my review format

Reading Goals
~250 books total for the year
~ Read one Manga series per month
~ Read 1 review book at least per week. 
~ 1 audio book per month

Writing Goals
~ Bullet Journaling every day. - Started in 2016 want to continue using it. 
~ more commenting
~ More discussion posts. 
~ Maybe do a little short story writing or maybe a book. 
~ I want to start working on a cookbook. 

Personal Goals 
~ I want to complete more projects that I start. 
~Finish this temperature blanket from 2016 
~ More canning this year. 
~ Take up a new hobby

This is just the start I want to add to the list as I get closer. 

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