Friday, December 9, 2016

Book Beginnings on Friday & The Friday 56

Book Beginnings on Friday & The Friday 56
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I'm honestly not sure about my current book. it's out of my comfort zone but has me captivated. I prefer the black over the white cover. What about you?
My Current read is: 

The SnowFang Bride
by Merry Ravenell 
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Centuries of political games killed most of the female werewolves. Now only a few survive, and the Elders work to change the old ways of thinking.

Winter, the only daughter of the SilverPaw Alpha, finally meets the soul Gaia has chosen for her: Sterling, the cold, demanding, and entirely-too-human Alpha of the tiny SnowFang pack.

Thrust into a world of human wealth for which she was never prepared, Winter must become Sterling's flawless wife and Luna from the moment she arrives. The city is full of threats, both werewolf and human, and Sterling's past is full of secrets best left undisturbed.

When they are betrayed by those closest to them, Winter and Sterling embark on a dangerous game of brinkmanship that will change their lives, and the future of the werewolves, forever.

Share the first sentence of your current read and post it.

The werewolves lacked females. A male with a mate had the goddess Gaia’s favor.
A female without a mate was considered unlucky at best, and exiled at worst.

Grab a book turn to page 56 or 56% share a sentence or a few

“We’re sneaking out,” he confirmed.
“That’s your plan. Damn dangerous. And lousy,” Burian told Sterling.
“So you’ll come downstairs with us and make sure we’re not ambushed in the garage.”

What teasers do you have this week?


  1. That cover is SO gorgeous! And I've never heard of this book, but those teasers have me rushing to add it to my "want to read" list on Amazon--great choice this week!

    Thank you so much for sharing! Here's my Friday 56, if you're interested in checking it out--no worries or pressure if you're not, though! Either way, happy book-ing to you in the near future...and happy Friday! <3

  2. Gorgeous cover and fascinating excerpts! Thanks for sharing. BTW, love your blog header, with... "dolls?" peeking around some of the books. Here's mine: “WHEN ALL THE GIRLS HAVE GONE”

  3. This sounds like an interesting book! Here is my 56 and BB:

  4. I really love the cover for this one. Lately, I haven't read too many books that center on werewolves, and this one does sound kind of interesting.

  5. Sounds like an unusual plot. I'm curious.
    My Friday post features BEYOND THE ASHES.

  6. Sounds like an intriguing story to me. :-)
    Happy weekend!

  7. This is going on my tbr right now! :)

    Lauren @ Always Me