Thursday, July 3, 2014

What's Next?

What's Next? 
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Picking out what to read has always been a struggle for me. I've got lots of review books and even more non-review books. 

My Choice's for what's next:  

I seem to struggle recently when it comes to picking books. I have lots of books to read just not captivated by any of them. A little book burn out plus with my hubby home I'm not getting as much time to read as I would like. This week I've decided to go with one or more of the kindle freebies I've picked up. Just a FYI these may not be free at this time. I've had some of them for years. As you may also notice I had a shapeshifter craving. 

Spellbound by Kodilynn Calhoun (Goodreads)

Wylde Debraux is 16: Sassy, fiercely independent—and the Wyvern princess of the desert tribe of Kiir’vanan. When her father demands she choose a suitor within a fortnight to become her mate, Wylde rebels…and finds herself face to face with her enemies.

Born without power, Kascien Trump is a slave to the Magi. He’s as trapped as the bio-engineered dragonhounds he breeds and fights for his master. Then Wylde blazes into his life, offering him the possibility of freedom, and he knows she’s probably his only ticket out of there. Alive, anyway.

But when Wylde’s captured, the spellbound slave and the fiery dragon-shifter have to put aside their differences and work together to outwit the Magi and escape the clutches of Kascien’s corrupt master…or lost themselves trying.

Firefly Hollow by T.L. Haddix (Goodreads)

In 1960, a tragic death in the family calls young Sarah Browning back from college to her Appalachian homestead. Unable to return to school and finish her degree, she finds herself facing a future that isn’t what she’d planned. Lost and grieving, she wanders onto her reclusive neighbor’s property where she stumbles across the all-too-attractive Owen Campbell, a man hiding secrets she’d only ever thought were legend. 

Owen Campbell was raised on the folklore of Eastern Kentucky, tales of men and women with magical abilities from shape-shifting to healing powers. Rejected by those he loves because of his own abilities, he isolates himself from the world. When he meets Sarah, he’s faced with the tough decision of whether to let her in or stay hidden away to keep his heart safe. 

Firefly Hollow is the first book in the "Firefly Hollow" series. Other titles include Butterfly Lane, Dragonfly Creek, Cattail Ridge, and Cricket Cove. Also by this author: the Shadows/Leroy Collection, a series of standalone Romantic Suspense novels. Titles include Secrets in the Shadows, Under the Moon's Shadow, Shadows from the Grave, Hidden in the Shadows, and In the Heart's Shadow.

Change by Melissa Stevens (Goodreads)

A sudden life threatening injury turns Nickie’s world on its ear, but not in a way she ever would have predicted. Nickie finds out that not only do shape-shifters exist, but she is one. The Kitsune are a race of shape-shifters that have been living in secret alongside humans for centuries. As Nickie struggles to master her newly discovered shape-shifting and the abilities it brings her, she learns that some of the people in her life are far more than she knew. Can Nickie handle all the changes headed her way on her own? Or does she have someone who can help her?

Godhunter by Amy Sumida (Goodreads)

There are some things that really annoy Vervain Lavine. Like when people call her Vivian; “Vervain's an herb, look it up.” Or when people don't get her movie quotes; “Why doesn't anyone appreciate culture anymore?” But what really bothers her, what gets her little witchy panties in a twist, is when gods manipulate humans. “They're not even really gods, just Atlanteans playing dress up!”

Yeah, that's right, the gods are Atlanteans. Basically a bunch of refugees who decided to take over. It was a sweet deal for them, at least back when we believed in them and all. Not so much anymore. Nowadays, there ain't too many folks lining up at the altars to give their offerings, and gods are suffering for it. Without our sacrifices, the gods don't have enough juice to keep living in the manner to which they've grown accustomed.
So they came up with a plan. It was so easy actually. All they had to do was get us to fight amongst ourselves, go to war. When our kind die, they suck up the energy like a temperature-resistant fat man drinking a milkshake line-up. Not such a bad idea, and it's worked for quite awhile. Up until Vervain found out.

Now, don't get the wrong idea. Vervain's no Laura Croft. She can't bench press 200 lbs or shoot laser beams out of her eyes either. She does have magic on her side though and a few little tricks up her sleeve, or up her gloves rather. So she's not completely defenseless and she'll do whatever she has to in order to end this threat of divine proportions. Even if it means assassinating one god at a time.

Her greatest annoyance is yet to come though, in the form of a gorgeous Viking God who swears he's on her side. If she can keep her eyes off his leather pants long enough, they might even stand half a chance.

The Grim: Midnight Squad by J.L.M. Visada (Goodreads)

Sergeant Joseph Reaper has fought all around the world, but when his last mission ends in tragedy he returns to America a broken man. He is so mentally, and spiritually damaged that he is sent to a mental institution where they treat all his statements about Jinn's and magical torture as the ravings of a madman. After being told all that all his suffering was a lie Joseph finally escaped and has been in hiding since. 

When they finally find him, the military needs him to build a new team. This team is unlike any he's ever led. A group of strong willed supernatural women will challenge Joseph in ways he's never experienced, or expected. These five powerful women will force him to reexamine himself, and what he's always believed. Leading a beautiful Scottish vampire, a gothic witch, a sensitive lesbian werewolf, and the ghost of an excommunicated nun would be a lot to ask any soldier, but they may be asking too much when Joseph is asked to lead the very same Djinn that tortured him and his team for three months. Joseph is determined to give his best.

He's trying to pull the team together, but there are complications. He keeps finding himself distracted by Penny despite all the danger that might come with having a relationship with the vampire. Also, when Alhambra tells him that he's in danger Sergeant Reaper can't decide if it's just another attempt by the Jinn to mess with his head, or if there is a larger conspiracy. Either way Joseph is going to do everything he can to protect his team even if it kills him, and it just might. 

So many choices this week which would you choose? I'm stuck.


  1. I would say Spellbound. Good luck with your choice!

  2. I say go with Spellbound. It has the prettiest cover. Besides...I wrote the midnight squad so I already know what that one is like.