Monday, July 21, 2014

Review: Flight

Title - Flight
Author - Alyssa Rose Ivy
Series - The Crescent Chronicles #1
Genre - YA/NA Paranormal Fantasy
Published - August 16th 2012
Publisher - Createspace

Sometimes you just have to take flight.

A summer in New Orleans is exactly what Allie needs before starting college. Accepting her dad’s invitation to work at his hotel offers an escape from her ex-boyfriend and the chance to spend the summer with her best friend. Meeting a guy is the last thing on her mind—until she sees Levi.

Unable to resist the infuriating yet alluring Levi, Allie finds herself at the center of a supernatural society and forced to decide between following the path she has always trusted or saving a city that might just save her.

Looking up from the bar, I locked eyes with an incredibly hot guy. At over six feet tall with brown hair and wearing a tight shirt that barely concealed his muscular arms and chest, it would have been impossible not to notice him. He smiled at me and I found myself smiling back before I snapped myself out of it. Ignoring the invitation in his smile I quickly looked away. “You swore off men,” I reminded myself.

Allie has sworn off after her last relationship ended because even though he doesn’t see it that way.  In the fall she heads off to Princeton so this summer is going to be about working for her dad and spending time with her best friend. She has no intention of getting involved with a guy especially the arrogant Levi who is determined to win her heart. Allie has no intention of falling for Levi but sometimes you can’t always help falling for the charming guy.

What Allie decides will be a little fun with Levi quickly changes when he shows her a part of his world that she didn’t knew even existed. Levi and his friends are part of a secret society of supernatural beings that also happen to be the leaders of. As Allie falls into their world she’s torn between being freaked out and finding it exciting what they can do. Suddenly Levi changes everything with a gift that changes her life forever putting herself and family at risk. Will she survive or be on the run forever?

I loved Allie she’s got her life all planned out even though her childhood wasn’t perfect she’s made the best of it. I’m not sure how I feel about her best friend she’s got issues and I didn’t like the way she just up and left Allie alone. I also loved Hailey right from the start she’s a fun character with a good heart and much better friend for Allie. Oh the guys I can’t even I wanted to dislike Levi but I just loved him for Allie even if she doesn’t see it yet.

I’ve been on the fence about this series for a while because I loved her Clayton Falls series. I took the plunge giving Flight a chance by the end of the first chapter I was so hooked I purchased the rest of the series right away. I found the characters easy to connect with I loved Allie as a character she’s great stubborn and not falling all over Levi. Flight is a fast paced on the edge of your seat paranormal romance that has all the aspects I look for in a book. The author has created her own unique world for her characters to live in and I can’t wait to learn more about the supernatural society in future books. This isn’t my first book by this author but her writing style is one of my favorites it just flows along smoothly. I had a hard time putting Flight down if I didn’t have to be up early I would have stayed up late to finish. I really loved Flight everything about the book was amazing I loved it so much. I can’t wait to start the next one. 
5 out of 5 stars

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  1. The premise does sound interesting, though possibly a little overdone. A five out of five review does make me think it might be worth reading! Thanks for the great review!

    Tracy @ Cornerfolds