Friday, July 18, 2014

Review: A Suitable Match

Title - A Suitable Match
Author - Betty Neels 
Genre - Romance
Published - January 1st 1990
Publisher - Harlequin 

Make your sales jolly with four highly anticipated titles that readers will love--by USA TODAY bestselling author Betty Neels! The Best of Betty Neels Betty Neels has been the #1-selling Harlequin Romance author for several years. She is famous worldwide for her tender romances featuring exciting locales, Dutch doctors and kind people. Since her passing in 2001, Betty's earlier stories have been in greater demand than ever before. Satisfy readers' desire to enjoy classic Betty Neels reading with these four novels that fans will cherish for years.

Eustacia had no idea when her parents passed away in the accident she would be left with nothing. Thankfully her grandfather took her in even though he didn’t have much. While Eustacia didn’t attend college she is lacking in the potential job market so she jumps at the chance to work as a path lab assistant. While working in the hospital she has a chance encounter with a successful attractive surgeon that changes her life forever. Colin asks Eustacia to help him with his nephews while their parents out of town.

What starts out as a better job taking care of the boys quickly changes when their parents pass away in a tragic accident. The boys grandparents don’t want to leave the boys with Colin due to he works long hours and in a pinch he talks Eustacia into being his wife so he can keep the boys. By becoming Colin’s boy’s she will help with raising the boys and be a legal guardian if he should be out of town. Colin will also take care of her grandfather how could she say no. What happens when she falls in love with the man she’s only marring so he can keep his nephews?

I’m a huge fan of Betty Neels have been since I was a little girl my grandmothers both loved her books. Granted they all fallow a similar concept each one has its own unique story of two people falling in love from different worlds. The men typically sweep in saving the day and most of the girls do tend to work in the hospital. A Suitable Match is a classic clean romance that I just loved. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve read this book over the years but it’s one of my favorites. As a teen I wanted a guy like these books to sweep me off my feet and one day he did. I have a tradition of drinking tea while I read any Betty Neels books maybe it’s the mention of tea. A quick read perfect for a lazy afternoon, a day at the beach or a bubble bath. 
5 out of 5 

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