Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: The Middle Aisle

Title - The Middle Aisle
Author - Taylor Dean
Genre -  Fantasy/ Paranormal Romance
Publication - November 26th 2012
Format - Kindle Review Copy


The Sequel to Lancaster House 

Zoe Grayson is back in Lancaster House, ordered to bed rest for the duration of her unexpected pregnancy. Doctor Wade Channing, her overzealous psychiatrist, is living in Lancaster House, taking care of her, waiting on her, and tending to her every need. It seems to be the perfect arrangement.

There’s just one catch.

She has to tell him her story—everything that has happened in her life since the moment she escaped from Serenity Hills. It’s been quite an adventure to include renovating another home and a walk down the middle aisle.

But, that’s all over now. Nothing is real. It never was.

How did she end up in this miserable situation?


I received The Middle Aisle in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by Laura @ Colorimetry.  The Middle Aisle starts right after the end of Lancaster House. We find that Zoe is now pregnant, living at home in the Lancaster house and being take care of by Dr. Channing. As with the first book Zoe starts telling her story to Dr. Channing telling him everything that happened after she left through the door and disappeared. We learn that Andre was waiting for her to return home, and he pulls her into his arms hiding her away from the searching police. With Zoe’s return Andre is rapidly changing each day moving closer to what they hope is human again. 

When suddenly Andre’s heart starts beating and he appears to be more human he falls into an unconscious state, fearing that he won’t wake up Zoe starts to make plans for the future. When Andre’s hand moves past the barrier Zoe sets out to get him away from Lancaster house hoping it will help him finish becoming a human, plus it gives them a new start. It’s when fearing for the worse Zoe drives Andre to the hospital but like before no one see’s him that he suddenly wakes up. Andre is intent on getting married but since no one can see him they pay a stranger to pretend to be his stand in. While she’s been gone Dr. Channing hires a P.I. to find her, he’s become so obsessed it’s to the point he even rents her house. 

After getting married the two moves from seedy motel to motel until they find a beach house in need or restoring. They both decide it’s perfect and Zoe purchases the house so that they will be able to restore it to its glory. When they learn that she’s pregnant with Andre’s child and needs to stay in bed for fear of losing the baby Andre steps up doing everything. However it takes its toll on him he starts to feel pain and age.  Soon he’s a grey haired old man, fading fast and Zoe hopes returning to Lancaster house will save him. However the pair is in for a shock when they return to Lancaster house when they find Dr. Channing and Adele waiting for them.  Will everything work out? Will we have a happy ever after?

The second book kept me guessing till the very end. Poor Zoe has had a crazy adventure from fleeing Lancaster house, getting married and almost losing Andre. As with the first book The Middle Aisle is a captivating story I read the whole book in one afternoon, it was impossible to put it down because I just had to know how it would end. I think Zoe is a fantastic character she’s very likable, easy to connect with and overall my heart goes out to her. She’s had an incredible adventure throughout the book that kept me wondering what could possibly happen next. I love the relationship between Zoe and Andre it’s very sweet that two people from different worlds can transcend reality like the girl and her ghost. Her life has been a hot mess but if it wasn't then it wouldn't have been as entertaining. I won’t deny that fact I’m sad to come to the end, I've enjoyed reading Zoe’s story. I would suggest anyone who’s interested in an unique paranormal romance will enjoy the series. 

5 out of 5 Stars

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  1. Thank you so much, Mandy! Wonderful review! I'm so glad you enjoyed both books!