Sunday, December 16, 2012

Review: New Moon Summer

Title - New Moon Summer 
Author - S.M. Reine 
Series - Seasons of Moon: Cain Chronicles #1
Genre - Young Adult Shapeshifters
Publication October 9th 2012
Format - E-book review copy


Rylie is Alpha: the leader of the werewolves. They're an endangered species living in a sanctuary, and she's guarded them for two peaceful years.

The peace is shattered when somebody sends Rylie a threatening silver bullet. A new member of the pack goes missing. And to make things worse, her inner beast is strangely attracted to her boyfriend's brother, leaving her torn between the love of two men--one of them a werewolf, and the other a former hunter.


The forests of Gray Mountain were filled with shrieks and howls. Hunter was pitted against wolf. The soil absorbed splashing blood as gunfire echoed off of the rocks.
     A woman, tall and dark-skinned with blazing eyes, dragged her son onto the rocks ringing the top of the mountain. Together, they approached the swollen moon.
    “Where’s your girlfriend?” Eleanor demanded, shaking Seth’s arm hard.
    “I don’t know,” he said through gritted teeth.
     He was telling the truth. He really didn’t know that Rylie was watching from the trees.
     She circled the battle silently, searching for a way in without getting shot. Her pack was getting killed as she watched, but she couldn’t do anything without risking Seth.


I received New Moon Summer in return for an honest review from a Librarything give-away. Rylie is the Alpha werewolf leader of the werewolves and fresh out of high school. She lives on a ranch which is really a werewolf sanctuary which she has guarded for two years with the help of her boyfriend and his brother. Seth has headed away to college so Rylie’s closest friend is Abel who happens to be Seth’s older brother. Seth isn’t a werewolf but a hunter which is attuned to living werewolves. However his brother Abel is a werewolf and Rylie’s second in command plus her wolf is attracted to him. With the return of Seth Rylie receives a cryptic note along with a silver bullet but she assumes it’s from Seth.

Abel heads off into town to pick up a new wolf that will be staying at the sanctuary only to find out that the wolf wasn’t on the plane as expected. Scott the one in charge of the sanctuaries and handles all the business that the wolves may need like travel, hotels, and anything else that comes up. When he learns that the wolf is missing he sends Seth to find him before he returns home to the ranch for the summer. When Rylie doesn’t hear from Seth after several days she decides to go find him taking along his brother to protect her. When they find Seth they learn that there is more going on than a missing wolf and that the bullet wasn’t from him.

I’ve not read any of S.M. Reine’s books before but I love a good werewolf story. It’s a fast paced story only fifty pages but it’s easy to be sucked in and left wanting more. I wish I knew more about Rylie so maybe I should have read her other series first but it’s not the first time I’ve read out of order. I’ve already added the original Seasons of the moon series to check out and learn more about Rylies back story.  I like the concept of the sanctuary for the wolves as well as the idea of the hunters. I really enjoyed the story I just want more and wish I had read the books that have the start of who and how Rylie became a werewolf .

4 out of 5 stars

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