Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Book Review: Faerie Tales: Misfortune of a Teenage Socialite

Title - Faerie Tales: Misfortune of a Teenage Socialite

Author - Brandi Salazar
Genres - Young Adult/ Fantasy
Publication - March 23rd 2011
Format - Kindle Review Copy

Tossed into a world of magic she'd only ever read about in books, Valerie Williams goes from teenage drama queen to tooth faerie almost overnight. Struggling to maintain her social status in a high school where designer clothes and having the right boyfriend makes the person, she finds that what's on the outside doesn't always determine what's on the inside.

Having a hard time adjusting to the maturity she's been forced into, Valerie finds love and mistakes that could cost her everything. To make matters worse, she discovers that her employer, Enamel Wear Inc. is hiding a secret that may just leav her future hanging in the balance.

I have the pleasure of receiving a copy from an honest review. The story introduces us to Valerie Williams, a junior in high school, a cheerleader, and who happens to be dating the best looking guy in school the quarterback for the football team. She's like your typical stereotype popular girl who only cares about looking perfect, dating the perfect guy, having the perfect friends, and having the newest clothes. She plans to marry her high school boyfriend, and spend the rest of her life not working and shopping. She's so into herself she doesn't really pay attention to everyone else but expects them to pay attention to her.

Everything changes when her parents make her get a job working at her mom's work. Since Valerie has spent so much time on herself she has no idea what her mother does for a job. She drives with her mom that night, arriving at a old run down building, upon entering the elevator her mother takes her into a world she thought was only fantasy. She learns that she's a faerie with one day wings, and her new job is a tooth faerie. She's partnered up with Rick Mandrake the second hottest guy in school if he wasn't into goth. After a few mishaps her first night Valerie knows her life will never be the same.

Through out the story we watch Valerie go from the selfish once popular girl to the unpopular girl you can't help falling in love with. She looses her boyfriend when he learns that she's a faerie it's just to much for him to deal with but thankfully Rick is there to pick up the pieces. Throughout the story I watch as Valerie grow as a character I rooted for even felt sad for her when it didn't always go the way I wanted it too. I couldn't put it down, it sucked me in right away. I love the character development they are so well written you feel like you know them. I had so many emotions when I read the book, I had moments where I laughed, cheered, was even sad, and I had some angry moments where I wanted to scream at Valerie but in the end I love it. It was a beautifully written story I would recommend to anyone who loves paranormal books.

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