Thursday, June 21, 2012

Book Review: An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away

Title - An Apple A Day Keeps Murder Away
Author - Janet McNulty
Genre - Young Adult/Paranoramal
Series - Book 3 in the Mellow Summers series
Publication - May 4th 2012
Format - Kindle Review Copy

Rachel is back. And so is trouble.

Mel wakes up covered in blood and with a knife in her hand. She has no memory of what happened. Rachel gets word about it in the spirit world and decides to help Mel out. Now the prime suspect in a murder investigation, it is up to Mel's friends to prove her innocence. But can a ghost get Mel off the hook and catch the real killer.

I received this book for review from the author for a honest review. This is the third book in the Mellow aka Mel Summer story. A college student studying to be a film maker in her spare time she solves mysteries and works at the Candle Shoppe.

Mel is found in a hotel room with a knife and covered in blood not her own. She has no memory of the event leading up to being found prior to waking up in a hotel room. Thankfully she's got her friends to help her out, Tiny the lovable biker guy comes through getting her a very good defense lawyer named Calvin to defend her on murder charges. Thankfully they don't have a body just the blood all over her and the hint that there was a murder.

In this book we are introduced to Aunt Ethel a eccentric woman who just happens to be extremely stuck in her own ways. In one scene she's driving Mellow around town, admits she's not had a drivers licence in years, claims that stop signs are guidelines, and that they will get out of your way if you drive on the sidewalk.

I love this series the characters are well written and easily likable I don't think there are any I don't like well except maybe the bad guy but ya know how that goes. I think my fave is Mellow with Rachel in a close second she makes me laugh and she's always getting Mellow into trouble. I had no trouble finishing this in a afternoon, like before I want more and I'm looking forward to the next one.

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